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Investing in Australia

Updated on June 26, 2010


Investing in Australia 10 tips to note, investing in this popular country is on the rise. The economy is in good condition and the transference of financial equities from around the world is being transferred to Australia.  Australia is becoming the world stage for investment.


  1. Mining has a primary position in Australia. Exporting is very strong to nations who have strong economies making Australia’s mining stocks a very good investment.
  2. Real estate is a good investment in Australia. The people in Australia have a high educational level and the world is starting to focus on Australia for recreation, travel and relocation, making Australia a prime market.
  3. Resort property is a good investment.
  4. Australia is a country of wide open spaces, with green energy being an interest for the country as well s the rest of the world. The search for a better energy source in such a healthy financial climate can only prove positive.
  5. Family home investment of an upwardly mobile population is worth a look into.
  6. The population of Australia is growing from people relocating, visiting, new families being created. This allows healthcare to be a rising point of income.
  7. The former leads to the Pharmaceutical stocks piggy backing off of healthcare.
  8. People will always need to eat; commodities and other food stocks make good financial investments. A few countries have suffered natural disasters and certain grains are in short supply.
  9. Beer is a strong element of Australian culture and a strong investment outlet.
  10. Biotechnology. Research is important to any society; Australia is positioned to be on the cutting edge of new discoveries.


Australia has a strong financial position with the majority of its population being employed. The banking system is healthy and was not harmed by the recent financial chaos.



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