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Ipage is a complete SCAM !!

Updated on March 13, 2012

Ipage is a Scam

John : I don't want anything to do with 1page or whatever you guys are

Randell Smith: Also, we do not refund the amount that you've charged of the domain name .

Randell Smith: However, you can use these domain names until the expiration date.

John : Are you the person I should be talking to about this

Randell Smith: Yes, John.

John : I don't even what to use your system to try to transfer the domain name my guess is that it wont' work therefore I dont' want to waste my time attempting this

John : So you work both as helpdesk and sales ?

Randell Smith: Yes.

John : Wow that's a money saving option

John : But kind of bites for the customer

John : How do I cancel

John : From control panel

Randell Smith: John, you will not be able to cancel the account from the control panel. However, you can cancel the auto renewal, so that your account will be canceled on one day before the next hosting renewal date.

John : R

Randell Smith: You can cancel the auto renewal for the hosting account by going to:

John : Randell we're going to have to do better than that

Randell Smith: If you want to cancel the account immediately, then we need to do it.

John : Yes but I will know what we are doing bc it sounds like cancelling the autorenewal I will still be charged for one year

John : I don't want to be charge one year for something that I attempted to use for three hours

Randell Smith: Yes, we can cancel the account immediately and issue the refund.

Randell Smith: We will deduct the domain registration fee $15 and refund the remaining amount.

Randell Smith: Also, we do not refund the amount that you've charged of the domain name .

John : I want all my money back

Randell Smith: Additional products are non-refundable.

Has Ipage Scammed you ?

Has Ipage scammed you ?

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More data on the scam

Here is the charges pending on my bank account:

Mar 12, 2012EIG*IPAGEPENDING($70.80)$360.12Open Transaction DetailsMar 12, 2012EIG*IPAGEPENDING($42.89)$430.92EIG*IPAGE
Basically the amount is 70.80 + 42.00= 112.80 How much are they giving me back after three hours into their scam ? I'm getting back $.55.80 which is almost right at 50% ! Help me nail these lying cheats !
Look at the message below:
Per our billing policy, we will issue full refund to a customer, who cancels the hosting package within the first 30 days from the date of sign up. However, if the customer has used the free domain credit in the package to register a new domain, then $15.00 will be deducted from the hosting fee. Since you have used the free domain credit to register the domain '', we have downgraded the account ‘enomadorg’ and have refunded the amount of $55.80 ($70.80 - $15.00) to the credit card on March 13, 2012. Also, I have cancelled the Domain Privacy tool from your account and refunded the amount of $$8.99 to your credit card on March 13, 2012. Please allow 7-10 days for the refund to appear on your credit card statement.


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    • profile image

      Chrisjan 2 years ago

      Just been charged $155 hosting renewal after I disabled automatic renewal. Even received emails "Your domain is about to expire in X days". GET THIS: When I tried to get use their chat with "Existing Customer", "Billing", "iPage hosting renewal" I could get to them at all. Just a long wait in front of a blank screen. After numerous tries, I tried "New Customer", "Sales", "iPage hosting services" and was instantly taken to a page saying "A consultant ... will be with you shortly". About 10 seconds later I was chatting to a consultant.

    • profile image

      Brett Heaney 2 years ago

      I have just been charged $365. Which I did not authorise what a scam

    • profile image

      Marko Nara 3 years ago

      They have stolen from me 250usd! ... "THE ESENTIAL" wtf!.. i didn't buy that!

    • profile image

      Lu 3 years ago

      I had cancelled my renewal through the control panel and they charged me anyway.

    • profile image

      IpageScammers 4 years ago

      I've had issues with IPAGE turning "AutoRENEW" back ON and then billing me. I've turned my domains to MANUAL, and then some how they get turned back ON to Auto Renew just before they are ready to expire.

      SCAMMERS! They refused to issue me a refund.

    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      was told i'd be issued a FULL REFUND AFTER I CANCELLED within 24 hours from signing up-instead they charged my credit card the full amount, and then tried to tell me the domain name was 'mine' and I had to pay for it...the phone number on my credit card statement was to a number that you had to log in to, and since i did not get to that point, i had to go onto the internet to get a main number. Don't think you should trust them since they seem to want to make it hard to cancel.

    • lily1974225 profile image

      lily1974225 5 years ago from china

      so be carefully!