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Is Jingit legit or a scam?

Updated on October 22, 2012

For those looking for the short answer I can say without a doubt that Jingit is NOT a scam. (see update at bottom) I have been using the site now for over a month, have loaded over $20 onto the branded visa they sent me, and confirmed that it is on the card from the website that their bank uses to let you manage it. In this time I have not seen a single fee get deducted from my total and all money that I have told Jingit to load to the card has shown up on my available balance faster than I could login and check it. The card is your standard Visa debit card, complete with Visa logo and hologram, only with the Jingit logo added as well.

Now for those that got here without knowing what Jingit is already, it is a website that pays you to watch video advertisements. Pretty standard fare for the "get paid to" type sites out there, and the concept itself is nothing new. Jingit however is quite unique in that they have as their main payment method a branded (has a Jingit logo on it) Visa debit card that you can instantly load your earnings to, and then spend it anywhere that accepts visa debit cards. If you do not either add more earnings from Jingit or spend something for 90 days then it does deduct a fee from your available balance. If you are using the site though this fee is never going to be an issue as you can, if you choose to, add more to it every day.

I spend just barely over an hour per week watching ads, and for my time get a little over $6 currently, as more people sign up under you the limit you can earn per week goes up. Unlike other get paid to sites you do not directly earn from referrals, it simply raises the limit of how much you are allowed to earn per week by 25 cents per referral up to a maximum of $10/week. By no means is this a get rich quick type thing, but it is a simple way to build up a little extra cash to buy things you otherwise would just keep putting off and maybe never actually acquire.

One other nice thing about Jingit is that they allow anyone 13 or older to join. I have checked the terms of service for other sites and most require users to be at least 18 to join, not so on Jingit. So this is an easy way for teens to supplement their allowance and learn a little money managing skills and saving habits as well.

If you found this helpful and haven't already signed up under someone else I would appreciate anyone using my own referral link here so that I can raise my earn limit a little. (I'll remove this bit when/if I reach the max $10/week limit, which only takes 20 referrals)


(3/4/12): I just wanted to add an update here as the quality of this service has changed drastically since I first wrote this. The card still works and still doesn't charge any fees if you use it at least once every 90 days, however the site isn't doing nearly as well anymore. They have provided updates on facebook saying that they would be making major improvements and should be going again in March. Well now it's March and they still never have ads to view on the web site which has been the case for well over a month now, and from the few comments we do get they seem to be changing to a primarily mobile based site that will pay for users checking in at certain locations. While this isn't a bad idea it is far from what attracted the users the site has already. I am still checking their site on a daily basis, and if they resume operations of the web based advertising then I will update here again.

(3/12/12) There was an official update earlier on twitter "We are bringing on more brands and finalizing details with Check Ins! We will launch in the coming weeks! Hang in there!" No direct statement that this will include ads on the web site, but this is twitter so they had to be brief. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

(3/16/12) Posted today on official facebook page...

Hello Jingit Community! You may have noticed that we have gone a little quiet lately. This is because we have been working really hard to get new brands and a MASSIVE retailer on board. We have perfected the Jingit Check In and the Jingit Widget, which means you will be able to Jingit on other sites! I know we said we were going to be launching in March, but the truth is, we were a little ambitious in telling you this. Since March is already halfway over, you can count on us launching in April. (I promise to have a launch date and list of our partnering brands to you soon. Then we can start the countdown!) I know it has been a long wait, but we are so excited to show you what we have been working on. Thank you for sticking with us!

(4/26/12) Well they are slowly starting to have earning opportunities again. Less if you are not using the smartphone app but there are some paid videos on the site as well as some on which is their first offsite partner using the Jingit curl on some of their advertising. If looking for the Jingit ad on Walmart's site you may end up having to refresh for a while and even wait a couple hours for the ads being shown to you to cycle, but it is there. Still nowhere near what they used to be but I have made a little over $3 in the past couple weeks. I have more hope now that they may return in full force, just have to get everything worked out with their new partner site system and app services for the mobile stuff.

(9/6/12) Recent updates have brought this site back with a vengeance. Earning limits are higher than they used to be per week for everyone. Also they currently have a few new partners and are offering many more videos to earn from than they have in a long time. As if that wasn't enough, one of those partners is Boxtops for Education, and many of the new ads pay you in both cash and boxtops for the school of your choice. Feels great knowing I'm helping a local school at the same time I earn some extra money myself.


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  • Mala Srivastava profile image

    Mala Srivastava 6 years ago from India

    well written hub. If you know about sites that allow people living outside US to make money in this way then please do write about them also.

  • Louis Singley profile image

    Louis Singley 6 years ago from Valdosta, Georgia

    Thank you for that information Bridgitte. I forget where I read that it couldn't be loaded with other funds, but after reading your comment I logged into the US Bank website they print on the card and read their terms and conditions which do specify that you can load the card with cash or by direct deposit. Just makes a great thing even better. :) I will remove this bit as I don't want to misinform with my article.

  • profile image

    Bridgitte P 6 years ago

    Actually, there is no catch. You can add your own money to your Jingit card either through direct deposits or through any Visa Readylink location.

  • Louis Singley profile image

    Louis Singley 6 years ago from Valdosta, Georgia

    It took me about 10 days to get the card, don't remember exactly, just that it was over one week, and less than 2.

    And unfortunately it is for US only at the moment, they are trying to expand but the site is only a few months old at this point, so they may be available in other countries in the future.

  • zanaworld profile image

    SA Shameel 6 years ago from Bangalore

    Is this work for US or outside US like India?

  • yarddog2k profile image

    Troy Yarbrough 6 years ago from Texas, USA

    I joined and earned $2.63 in about 15 minutes. How long does it take to get the debit card?


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