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Is the Anthony Morrison System a Scam?

Updated on August 18, 2012

For me, a scam is there is no possibility of earning money after you pay for a course or knowledge.

So, the Anthony Morrison system to make money on the Internet is a bit like going into a career like selling insurance or real estate. How so? Because there is considerable up front money and no guarantee that it will recoup your investment.

You have probably seen his commercials on TV, claims of making millions on the internet using social networks, no inventory for an online business and how it can be done from anywhere in the world. Maybe you got a mail flyer for a free dinner or a free tablet computer and the endorsements from ABC, CNN, NBC etc. The latter are not endorsement merely ads on those networks.

The system being sold is legit. It can work but the problem is there are thousands trying to use the same system to make money. The 90 minute presentation is all about the sell and it comes with hard pressure, that is, you must join at the end of the free dinner. It's your only chance, which of course, is BS. For me, it felt like a timeshare "sell", constant hammering if you doubt or hesitate.

To join, one must part with $4000. It pays for their system and tricks of the trade, expert help, creating a online business website, how to use Google adwords effectively etc. Basically, the tools to get going in a very, very crowded field. You, a novice, are going up against real pros and experience in the field. Keep that in mind. It requires a job-like attention, it is not setup once and that is it. The basic idea is to drive people to your website using key words and adwords. Hopefully, they will find something of interest and click on links to a vendor site. You still have to purchase adwords from Google for marketing campaigns and monitor how the keywords are doing. It is tricky, time consuming.

If you do not keep trying, you will lose your money. Some have earned maybe $700 a month once their system is working effectively. I seriously doubt if you will earn thousands, maybe a few hundred. If that is the case, eventually, your initial investment will pay off. Getting a real estate license or insurance license is much cheaper, but neither guarantee success.


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