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Is the violence during black Friday really acceptable behavior

Updated on November 30, 2013

Out of control

The Friday evening news was full of stories about death and violence of black Friday shoppers. People working in Wal-Mart being trampled as the crowds busted down the doors to get into the store.

Every video that was playing showed adults fighting and arguing over a toy, TV, or game. How can we raise our children to be respectful adults, when we can't even take one shopping day and make it a positive experience.

Security officers and police were ignored when trying to control the massive crowds. People acting in violence to spend 20 dollars less on a television or a toy that their child will play with for 1 day.

With modern technology, people can get the same things on sale online as they can in the store and no one gets hurt. Should these stores be banned from black Friday? In my opinion yes. Are those people going to be charged criminally for the people they killed? Probably not. Families robbed of their loved ones for a sale. Children being robbed of their parents because other parents needed that object.

Has our world become so commercialized that people will do anything to get what they want. Every year the amount of deaths that occur during black Friday is increasing. When will stores stop allowing this criminal act to stop.

The same products that were on sale for one day will be on sale again next week. So why do people think that killing someone needlessly is acceptable in our society? If we can't go shopping without violence, go down a street without someone playing a game and thinking it is fun to knock someone unconscious, beat homeless people to death and every other horribly sad event that takes place here in the home of the free and brave.

They are not brave but mere cowards that take a holiday and make it into a selfish needless action.

In the name of a gift

These are the murderers
These are the murderers | Source

How many people have died

As of yesterday 7 people are dead and 88 are injured. Dying by trampling can not be a pleasant experience. It reminds me of the run of the bulls in Spain that crazy people die from being trampled from a bull.

Thousands camped out to be the first in the store. Wal-Mart is admitting they did not have enough crowd control. So who should pay for the deaths and injuries. Who will have criminal charges filed against them.

7 people dead is too many because no one should have to die at the hands of indignant shoppers.

Is this worth it
Is this worth it

What is really going on

Do you think that black Friday should be banned

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Is black Friday all about anger and rage

How long are law officials and stores going to keep up this charade of people being injured? I am sure that our father up above is pretty much looking down is disgrace of the human race he made. The reason for Christmas is not about gifts but about our lord and savior being born who later died for our sins.

Should these people be forgiven for showing no remorse for their wrong doings? I know they could feel they were stepping on someone because how can you step on a body and not know it wasn't the floor? The fact that you did it just proves that you didn't care that you were stepping on a human being and not even look down to see if they needed help. You had to get that sale.

Amount of people killed on Black Friday


Crimes decreased in 2012 due to online shopping

Police Brutality

This mans face was slammed in the concrete floor for shop lifting
This mans face was slammed in the concrete floor for shop lifting

The sad news

Does it get any worse then this?

Crazy shoppers, police brutality is what happened yesterday. Every tape of these advents should be looked over and criminal charges should be filed against the stores that allowed this much violence to go on. If they would have had the proper amount of security and or police officers, none of this would have happened.

It was rumored that the employees all of sudden had to make a human chain to slow down the crowds that kept pouring. Not effective. Turned out the crowds ended up being a lethal Red Rover and they trampled a 34 year old temporary employee.

As other Wal-Mart employees tried to help the man, the crowds knocked them over as well all the while pummeling the downed man to death. When police and paramedics arrived, people kept pushing past them. When police forced the store to close, people kept pushing past them. Their excuse? I was in line since Friday morning! For 20 dollars off a PS3.

You can’t get more cold-hearted than that.


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