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Free And Fun Weekend Activities For The Whole Family

Updated on September 1, 2016

Let's Enjoy Our Families

With the way our bills are set up, we have to work to pay them. In most families if you want to have a savings, you have to work even harder. A lot of families barely see each other during the week, with work and school consuming most of their waking hours. The Weekend is usually used to spend that hard-earned money, with trips to the mall, amusement parks and indoor fun places like Chucky Cheese. We as families go through times when we have to cut back on expeses in order to make ends meet. We may can't go to the movies, or to the amusement park on the weekends anymore. We may can't go to our favorite restaurants like we used to. Most families can't do the fun things that cost a lot of money anymore, but there are some things to do just as fun for free. Put the wallet away and just enjoy your kids.

We didn't have much growing up and I still can say I had a wonderful childhood. Everything seems to cost nowadays and we forget how many fun things we did as kids that didn't cost us anything. It's time to reach back into your childhood and pull out some of those fun things that your parents did with you when you were young. Even though your kids are growing up in a more technically advanced era, it helps to bring in some simple things that does not require money, batteries or a charging cord.

A simple picnic in the park while throwing around the old football can mean more to your child than a brand new video game. That closeness and that one on one bond between parent and child, cannot be found on any of the shelves in Wal-Mart, Best-Buy, or Toys R Us. It's up to you as a parent to take control of your kids lives and give them that quality time that they need in order for them to pass it on to their children.

I've come up with some super fun weekend activities that the whole family can enjoy and it's all FREE!

Go Biking

Pull the bikes out of the garage. Dust them off and pump up the tires. Taking a bike ride through the neighborhood, can lead to meeting new people as well as great exercise for the whole family. The kids will enjoy this fun activity and it gives them a chance to explore their neighborhood safely. This can also give you a chance to teach your kids bike safety and the rules of the road for bikers. Happy Biking!

Go Hiking

Get out and find a nice trail full of all things nature. Fill your backpacks with trail mix, fruit, sandwiches and lots of water and enjoy a daytime hike. Set out early morning when Sun is high and just admire the land that we walk but rarely take the time to marvel at. The family will love just walking and talking, while taking in the sites of God's wonderful creation that is just waiting to be enjoyed. Become one with nature and take a hike!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are always fun and kids love the adventure part of it. Print out a lists of items that can only be found outdoors, give everyone a copy and let the fun begin. Whoever finishes first or finds the most items from the list gets a prize. Prizes can consist of extra TV time, favorite meal for dinner, or no chores for a day. Want to keep the kids busy with something fun, go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Washing The Car

Why not kill two birds with one stone. Grab the soap, bucket and towels and head outside. Turn on the water hose and just wait for it. Somebody is going to get sprayed. There you go a water park right in your driveway. The job of washing the car is done and the kids fun time has been achieved. Have fun washing the car!


Some of my most memorable moments from childhood was cooking with my Mom. Make it your mission to cook with the kids at least once a week. Those memories will stay with them for a lifetime. Start off with some kid friendly foods first like, homemade pizzas and chocolate chip cookies. Starting them off with foods they love will make cooking interesting and they will quickly grow to love it. It's fun for the whole family. Get Cooking!

A Day At The Park

Have a barbeque, throw the frisbee around, race and play football. Depending on how old your kids are they will really enjoy the playground area. Parks have come a long way since we were kids. Some parks have splash and play areas, hiking trails and duck ponds. A day at the park has just gotten way cooler.

Work On The Car

For a kid this can be a fun and interesting activity. When I was young my dad used to let me help him work on his old '76 Chevy Caprice. Granted he did all of the work and just let me watch and hand him a tool every now and then, but this showed me a different side to my father. I felt that my father could build a car from the ground up, because he was just that smart and strong. With every twist of the wrench and every crank of the ratchet, I admired him more and more. My daddy was the man. By participating in this activity with him. I learned a lot about cars. Oil Change anyone?

A Day At The Beach

Depending on where you live, the beach can be a really enjoyable time for all. Pack up the car with beach towels, sunblock and a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and drinks. Be ready to build sand castles, collect seashells and frolick around in the ocean all day. Any day is a great day at the beach!

Go Fishing

Fishing is a slow, lazy day sport for some. Make it fun for the kids by letting them pack their own favorite snacks and drinks. Let them get dressed in those worn out jeans and that old shirt you keep forgetting to throw away. Take them out back and go digging for worms. Grab the fishing poles and ride to the lake with the windows down. Teaching them how to cast their lines is only part of the fun. Watching the smiles on their faces as they catch their very first fish will bring joy to your heart. Go fishing!

Library Trip

A trip to the library can be a lot of fun. On Saturdays most libraries have a lot of cool things planned, like workshops and reading circles. You will be surprised how many activities they have going on in the libraries nowadays. Not only will they enjoy themselves, but they will also learn something. Sign them up for their first library cards and take home some books. Set aside an hour everyday for reading time and discuss what they've read over dinner. Libraries are great!

End Game

Enjoy your kids while you can, they grow up pretty fast. You giving them the tools to grow up to be independent young men and women, will make you feel more comfortable about sending them out into the real world.


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