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It's a Vendor's Life

Updated on January 27, 2017

Just some of what we sell

This is a nice comfortable winter item we have
This is a nice comfortable winter item we have | Source
Sexy, sleek and beautiful, big seller for us
Sexy, sleek and beautiful, big seller for us | Source
We have all sizes
We have all sizes | Source
We have a lot of items that are macy's liquidation for 15 bucks
We have a lot of items that are macy's liquidation for 15 bucks | Source
We have so much stuff, it's almost impossible to picture it all.
We have so much stuff, it's almost impossible to picture it all. | Source
We have all kinds of Umbro brand, sweat pants, work out shorts, sweat shirts and hoodies
We have all kinds of Umbro brand, sweat pants, work out shorts, sweat shirts and hoodies | Source

Extended Family Oddly Bound

It starts early in the morning. Sleepy eyed people show up and say their good mornings. They all have so much work to do. One lady has brand new lovely dresses and blouses, she has slacks. As she carefully sets up the tarp for over head so the sun doesn't beat down on the clothing, she needs to be careful of where she sets things up. She has been doing this so long now, that she has a routine set. She speaks Spanish and very little English but she has the biggest heart and kindest personalities I've seen in a long time. Since it difficult to understand her I wonder sometimes where she gets the energy. Now I know she comes down during the week and starts to set up ahead of time for the weekend. She has all different types of items to sell starting from ladies clothing, to robes. It looks like she got them from a hotel because they are the terry cloth ones that are all snugly. She has a variety of hats and gloves and scarfs. She is always friendly and singing loudly. She makes me laugh because she will be here in pajama pants and wearing one of the robes that she is selling and a hat that looks like a puppy with long ears. She is really a great lady and I'm glad I've gotten to know her somewhat over the years.

Over to my right, there is a man and his wife setting up poles and tarps of their own. They have a wonderful supply of luggage. It is brand new, with locks. I got a couple of luggage pieces for myself. Keeping up with honor and integrity people in the auction are very honest hard working people. These people are from Korea and are doing this type of work after a long period of the man teaching Aikido. He does this now because he had a stroke, but it turns out to be a more difficult thing I think as far as work wise to be doing. Him and his wife run their place like a well oiled machine.

There are people next to me from Guatemala who are such a lovely family. They are also very good hearted and loving to everyone around them. It's such a nice thing to experience. One summer day it was very hot and they came over to me and offered to let me use the sunscreen. I graciously accepted.

Across from me is a gentleman selling women's hair ties, hair brushes, makeup , head bands and hair dryers, hair curlers, mirrors and he is just a health and beauty aid part of a pharmacy store, only he has better prices and his humor is better too.

The people that have a stand across the street are from Korea and they sell sun glasses and leather belts and watches, these guys are something else. They always have a smile, everyone that is around me is willing to help out the other vendor next to them. It's like something I have never witnessed before.

I've worked in restaurant business and horses and deli's and I have never seen such dedication. I think that because everyone has their own merchandise and is working for his own dollars it works a little differently.. I'm still trying to understand it. I like what I am seeing though and really look forward to being there every Saturday and Sunday. I love it there. It's hard work, but being with these very people is what is keeping me here. The friendships were formed right away and it gives off a warm feeling inside. I love it.

So you see, there are a mix of all kinds of people, from all over the world in one place that is Englishtown New Jersey. We are a market place like no other, carrying brand new items. So many times bringing them in at a lesser price than the stores. There are over a 100 vendors. Everyone trying to make a few dollars, selling their own merchandise. It is not easy work, it is very difficult, setting up and putting out your items is the easy part. Dealing with customers that want to open up a makeup for example and try it and put it back and not pay for it, that is where you have the trouble.

That has got to be a subject for another hub. Which I will start working on soon. In the meanwhile, Come check us out at Englishtown Auction 91 Wilson Ave. Englishtown New Jersey. Our store is in the grey building. store numbers 17-20.

There is a short story of how I met the man of my dreams right in this very same place. I will never leave his side.

I started this entrepreneur endeavor back in march, of 2012. Not even knowing what I was getting myself into and I went full swing. I have glass jewelry and youth clothing. I didn't really know what I was doing (still don't ). but I follow all the people around me and see what they do and take what works best for me and I do it. That turned into working along side This this guy from Morocco that sells top name brand of clothing and he sells beautiful ladies dresses, and bathing suits. His store was located across from mine and every week we would exchange niceties. He saw that I was only set up inside and he kept saying to me that I should set up on the outside, that I would sell more. I didn't really know what he was talking about. Then he said he would take care of getting an outside spot for me and he went to the office and took it upon himself to reserve a spot for me. I was thinking, "what's he doing? Why is he doing this for me? He didn't say it to me of course but I think he was in love with me at this time. I was a little confused, though I did not ask him. We had traded numbers to hold the spot after 8 am in case one of us was late. I decided not to answer his phone calls because I was thinking he likes me more than a friend. I went one week without speaking to him. I showed up at the market on that Saturday and he was there already setting up his pipes!!! He said right away, "you didn't call me all week" I said I was busy with school. he asked "can I at least get a kiss hello?" I thought he mean kiss hello like how are you , I haven't seen you, so I went to kiss him on the cheek and he kissed me straight on the lips , tongue and all!! I grabbed him and kissed him back. I didn't even know I wanted this. This man has been worth waiting for my whole life. We are still together and married and still at the flea market. He has his main job in Manhattan, but this is sort of like a hobby. I think he just has to be busy all the time. We drive an hour and a half to get here. We love what we do and I wouldn't have it any other way. By the way, the people that I talk about are still here and we are family. Its been 3 years. Wouldn't want to live without it. It has it's place in my world.


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