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Earn Money Doing Online Work- Legitimate Jobs From Home

Updated on June 26, 2012

MechTurk Earnings Potential

It's work, Jim, but not as we know it...

How many times have you sat at your computer, frustrated by the seemingly unending list of so-called 'work from home' job scams?

"Earn $5,000 in a week!"
"Small start-up fee required!"
"Confirm your cellphone number so that we can distribute it to every call center out there!"

You get the idea... Scams, fraudsters, email thieves - just a handful of the types you'll come across if you are one of the millions of people who want to work from the comfort of their own home. But, before you give up completely, first, ask yourself if you are willing to accept that even the legit work from home jobs will often pay peanuts, and in order to get peanuts, you have to be willing to work your backside off. Sure, there are people, (albeit very few), who have become successful internet entrepreneurs, particularly when the world wide web was a new and developing technology. These days, however, with population growth, and the desperate need to rebel from the rat race, home-based jobs are popping up everywhere you look. You just need to know where to look for them!

Here are some of the most legitimate jobs out there, which will earn you a few bucks on the side.

1. Work for actual companies and employers.
Mechanical Turk
is part of, and is a virtual marketplace where companies and employers pay you a small amount in cash to complete jobs/tasks for them. The jobs, ("hits"), can vary, from completing a 3 minute survey for payment of 1c, to writing 500 word articles for pay of $5.00 and upwards. New members are not initially qualified for many of the higher-paid hits, but the more of the smaller hits you do, and the more accurate you are when doing them, the sooner you can qualify for better paying ones. The trick to being successful on Mechanical Turk is to give good results, don't abandon any hits, (there is an option to return a hit if you decide halfway through that you don't wish to continue), and follow the rules of each requester, (employer/company paying you). You must be an active member for 10 days before your earnings will be fully accessible. Payment is then made either directly to your U.S bank account, or to an gift certificate balance.

2. Sell your talent.
If you know your way around a camera, know how to compose a good quality photograph, or you can paint up a storm with watercolors/acrylics, etc, then consider uploading them to one of the sites which offer a print on demand service, canvases, posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc, and selling them internationally. Fine Art America, Zazzle, RedBubble, CafeMom, etsy - all potential ways of making money on the internet. The only work you have to put in is the art itself. Upload your photograph, (in the case of a painting, you would need a good quality photo of the piece in order to sell prints from that image), to the site as per their respective instructions, specify your commission rate, and hope that your work is spotted by a potential customer. With so many social network sites these days, it's easier than ever to market and advertise your items for sale.

3. Write your way to a few extra bucks.
Right here on HubPages, as well as, you can earn a few extra dollars by writing both articles and reviews respectively. Examiner is a little more strict about the content you write about, limiting you only to categories that you have expertise in, and what they deem worthy of being published. On HubPages, you can write about anything you wish, within reason, and in the case of both sites, your earnings depend on how many views/visitors your articles get per day. The more articles you write, and the more interesting they are, the more of a following you will achieve, thus more earnings. Take time to go through the tutorials, though, especially on Examiner, so that you make no mistakes and risk being denied an account/membership.

4. Search the classifieds.
Utilize Craisglist as best you can, but use common sense when applying for any kind of work on there. Never ever give your social security number without knowing for absolute certain that a company and the job they're advertising is 100% kosher. Since you are looking specifically for freelance, or home-based jobs, you aren't limited to the Craigslist for your immediate area, so if you have the time, search as many towns, cities, and states as you can. Look for keywords such as; virtual, remote, telecommute, etc. The jobs section of Craigslist does actually have a section for things like, writing, talent, creative, and gigs. All of these have the potential of offering something that can be done from home. Craigslist is also free to advertise on, so don't just limit your time on there to searching for a job, use it to advertise yourself as someone looking to earn some extra money doing jobs from home.

Common sense is key when looking for any kind of freelance, or home-based work. Just always remember to keep your personal information under wraps until you are certain of the legitimacy of a potential job. Do your homework on the employer/company, and never put your social security number down on a job application form.


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    • sarahshuihan profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago from USA

      great hub. I do like Amazon Turk, but people shouldn't expect to make big bucks off it. I normally do some tasks when I'm watching TV.