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Let's Go Shopping!

Updated on October 31, 2013

Let's Go Shopping!

Ways to make shopping in a breeze, even with kids in tow.

Plan Ahead

  • Explain the rules ~ Before entering the store, make your expectations clear, such as "Stay close to me," "Use your quiet voice" and "No asking for candy."
  • Reward good behavior. Keep it simple, like a favorite snack ("Before going home, you an pick a treat if you remember our shopping rules") or a stop at the park. You can also promise to read story or play a game when you get home.
  • Pack a treat ~ Bring a stroybook, small manipulative tops, or a pad and markers that can keep him busy.
  • Prepare him for the day ~ Make sure your child is not hungry and is well rested. He should have enough sleep to make him last the afternoon in the mall..

At the Mall

  • Make a game out of shopping ~ As you do the grocercy, ask him, "Do you remember what the animal the egg comes from?" Name fives things in the aisle that begin the letter B. How many steps does it take from the milk cartons to the cereal boxes?" You can also count the number of people wearing red shirts or how many other children are in strollers.
  • Whenever possible, allow him to make simple decisions ~ Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Red or blue socks? Be prepared to bargain a little bit but least give him the feeling that he is involved.
  • Have him help out ~ Ask him to get some of the items from the low shelves. Let him push a small cart (if available) so some items can be placed in it.
  • Pay attention to him. When your child gets restless do not ignore. Take a 5-minute break from your shopping to talk to hin.
  • Praise your child. ~ a hug can be very reassuring. You can always say "You are so helpful."


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