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Life Cheatsheet: Weird Advice That Actually WORKS!

Updated on July 2, 2015
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These handy bits of trivia will save your butt in the direst of circumstances (and impress everyone!).


  • Dipping a wet cotton bud into a bowl of red Jello powder works as a substitute lip stain.
  • Medicated lip balm softens those pesky cuticles.
  • Honey removes makeup without stripping your face of natural oils (and it tastes good when you "accidentally" get it on your mouth!)/
  • Stashing your perfume bottles in the refrigerator keeps them fresh all year round.
  • Ground coffee beans are great exfoliators --- no need to head to the drugstore to smoothen your skin.


  • Chomping on an apple in the morning is a more effective waker-upper than drinking a cup of coffee.
  • And speaking of the popular fruit, sniffing an apple can help reduce migraines.
  • Gaining weight --- muscle weight, that is --- actually helps you size down in your wardrobe.


  • Dipping a cotton bud in your moisturizer and applying it gently on your leather goods help combat and smooth out scratches.
  • Ketchup brings new shine to brass objects. Try it on your jewelry.
  • When you're in a pinch, a hairdryer is just good as a steamer or an iron at removing wrinkles.
  • Combat jeans that shrink after one wash by... not washing them! To keep them fresh, stick them in a Ziplock with a dryer sheet and leave them in the freezer. Thaw, wear, no-rinse, and repeat (if your hygiene tolerance is pretty low maintenance).

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  • Drying a wet gadget and setting it overnight --- and powered off -- in a bowl of uncooked rice or Rice Krispies can save it from water damage.
  • Wet laptops are a lot trickier. Because rice can get into your computer's nook and crannies, dig through your kitchen for a spare cheesecloth. Wrap your gadget in the cloth to protect rogue rice pieces from entering, and then dunk it in the uncooked riced.


  • If you rub the top of a can of food repeatedly, you'll be able to pop it right off by firmly squeezing the can's body right after.
  • Baking powder takes the stink out of everything.
  • Vinegar roves stains in a snap.


  • Handwriting notes instead of typing them helps you learn better.
  • If you chew gum while studying for a test, chewing it again while taking them exam allows you to access all that stored information quicker.
  • Reading your notes out lout makes you remember more information.

SOURCE: Labrador, Chinggay (April 2015), Candy Magazine Philippines


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