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List My Five-Simple Ways How To Make Money-Listmyfive-Top 5 Lists

Updated on May 7, 2011

List My Five-Simple Ways How To Make Money-Top 5 Lists

Yes you read it right this is a new website that pays for your top five lists. The new site is called List my five or and has simple ways how to make money creating and publishing your very own top five lists. Presently there is no referral program for the list my five make money with top 5 lists so this is not a promotional hub to get you to sign up rather it is to intended to help you release new and exciting ways to make extra money online.

Let me give you the run down of how I started earning the first day I signed up with my very first top five list.

What I did is went to and looked over the site and read the rules,terms of use, privacy policy and the FAQ'S. Next I was interested in how can I make money so I read about the WCP. The WCP is a writers compensation program that would allow me to not only create my very own top five list but also earn revenue or cash via my PayPal account.

Yeah as I shook my head this is what I'm talking about. Make extra money and income by coming up with my own top five list about anything I want. What more could I ask for so, I signed up under the create account tab located on the website. In less than five minutes of filling out the short information page with my username and contact information used get payed using my email and PayPal account I was ready to publish.

I went right to the create a list tab. The publishing tool is clean and very nicely set up. It starts out with the title for your top five. A box for the introduction if you so desire although at this time is not required. Then the next five boxes are for the title and description of your top five. Next is a box for your final thoughts about why your list is the top five, then next add some keywords relative to your lists using the same rules that apply to adding keywords in any other article writing site to make it easy for the search engines to find your top five list.

Next box is to choose a category from a list of 25 different category's and finally the last step 5 is publish your list. There is a option to share the top five list with Facebook or twitter accounts which I opted to do. Checked the boxes that the content is original and that I have read the terms of use. Filled in the captcha and boom my first list was published. This is the first list my five I published The Top Five Twitter Followers in the World

In less than 24 hours when I went back to check my views and and earnings I had already started earning and had 3 comments. WOW that was quick way to earn money and this was only off my first list. I was definitely sold that this could indeed be another source of extra residual income to add to the make money with website accounts I already enjoy.

In conclusion List My Five dot com can be a great source for making money online, extra money online or your top five lists can be written just for fun. The forums actively discuss topics and can be a nice place to interact with other listmyfivers. Enjoy!!


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  • bestbrother profile image

    bestbrother 6 years ago

    @woodsmenspost, ur hub is surely very helpful, would u mind if u cud tell me that how can i make a paypal account as i live in that country which paypal doesn't support? i want to join LM5 but paypal restrictions isnt letting me so, however i registered there at LM5.

  • bestbrother profile image

    bestbrother 6 years ago

    thank u so much for this hub megan :)

  • profile image

    lindestar 6 years ago

    Hello WoodsmensPost - I got directed to you from a post written by Bretsuki about this topic. You both seem to agree that LM5 has real potential. I'll check it out. Thanks for the information.

  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

    Meagan I will add you as friend when the option becomes available. I have only written a few #LM5 topics lately but when I think of a good one I head right over and type it out. Payouts will come soon with more writing and better exposure. I think the site really will go far in the near future. Take care and don't forget to tweet retweet #LM5

  • ponchomeg profile image

    Meagan 7 years ago from Lansing, MI

    I love List My Five. It seriously is a dream come true for someone like me who has been making lists my whole life! I always wanted to talk about the best movies, celebrities, quotes, paintings, colors, musicals, foods, etc. with my friends growing up, and now I can share what I think AND get paid! Wow! We definitely need to keep building a bigger and stronger community there though, so we can really get the traffic pumping into LM5. I have over 5,000 page views and have made over $5.00 there so far and I haven't even been a member of LM5 for two full months yet! So I do have high hopes. Good luck to anyone who tries it out. When the "friend" option opens up over there at List My Five, add me as a friend! :)

    Peace and Love,


  • cecemarie83 profile image

    cecemarie83 7 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

    i started this yesterday and i am already at 200 page views and my account is still at 0.00 earned exactly how do you make money? page veiws?, the comments? rateings?

  • Allan Douglas profile image

    Allan Douglas 7 years ago from Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

    Sounds like it could be fun if nothing else. I'll take a look! Thanks!