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Did you mean Living Social? "Livin Social & Living Socia"

Updated on June 27, 2013

Living Social

Living Social is a Groupon competitor who recently entered the market. Both sites employ the same strategy: get local businesses to offer discounts via their service.

There are no membership fees, you simply sign up for an email newsletter and make an account to get started. It is a great way to save money on the little extras of life.

Why do companies offer a Livin Social coupon?

Companies often offer these coupons in the hope of getting new regular customers who continue to patronize the business even after the promotion is over. Companies may also offer coupons they used to publish in the local newspapers or other advertisements, simply as a way of reaching the internet generation. Online marketing is a tough and daunting prospect for many small local businesses, and livin social allows them an easy way to effectively reach the younger generation.

How does Living Socia make money?

When a business offers a coupon on living socia, the site takes a percentage of the sales.

The end customer buys the product or service through the living socia website and receives a voucher which they can then exchange at the brick and mortar location. The business receives a percentage of the money the customer gave to Living Social, however they do not receive it all.

Does Living Social help you save money?

Like any frugal habit, it depends how you use it. Living Social deals mainly in luxury goods and services, so frankly I would say it does not save money in the long run. However, it allows users to enjoy life to the fullest without breaking their wallets. It also provides a platform for you to find out about opportunities which you would never have heard of without the website.

Many people are concerned lately with shopping and eating locally, well Livin Social helps you to do just that. It highlights local area goods and services, and provides a way to make them less painful on the wallet. Using Living Socia can help many young adults learn what's available in their communities, and help people who recently relocated to connect again. Building a strong community is essential for a happy life, and Living Social is a great community building tool.


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