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Living Frugal Newsletters

Updated on March 24, 2011

Living frugally requires some work and advanced planning, but can be fun too. Many people live below their means and reach financial security simply by being frugal in some key areas. There are many living frugal newsletters available that offer tips for saving money. Incorporating these money saving ideas into your daily life will reduce your financial stress and help you save money. Here are the top living frugal newsletters. offers many different newsletters to help you save money. Tip of the Day offers one tip per day on how to save money in your everyday life. ThriftyFun Crafts offers money saving advice related to crafts projects, including knitting, sewing, quilting, and woodworking. Happy Pets Newsletter contains advice for pet owners and Happy Garden Newsletter helps gardeners save money in their hobby. These newsletters are all available with varying regularity (some are published monthly, others weekly) but are all free.

The Frugal Life

The Frugal Life is an email newsletter published twice per month that contains money saving ideas related to finance, gardening, shopping, decorating, and more. Saving money in every aspect of your life will benefit your pocketbook and your piece of mind. The newsletter has been in publication for over 4 years and all archived issues are available on The Frugal Life website, giving you access to a wealth of information. The website also contains an open forum for questions and discussion among readers as well, giving you more access to the saving strategies of others.

The Frugal Shopper Newsletter

The Frugal Shopper newsletter offers not only tips on saving money but also free offers and discounts on items such as groceries and clothing. Using discounts and coupons especially for necessities such as groceries and gas can go a long way to help you hold on to your hard earned money. Make sure that if you take advantage of discounted offers, the offers are on items you really need to purchase and are not luring you to spend money on what you don’t need.

This newsletter focuses on ways to save money on do it yourself projects and home projects. If you are looking to renovate or remodel your home, this is a great resource, since those types of projects can be costly. The newsletter teaches you how to live within your means by pursuing free activities and discounted offers—saving money without sacrificing your quality of life. Each newsletter features a free home project as well as recipes and frugal news.

Image Credit:  scottwills, Flickr


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