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Living Frugal Websites

Updated on March 25, 2011

Frugal living is becoming a more and more popular topic and many websites are dedicated to offering money saving advice and ideas. Conduct an internet search for “frugal living” and you will receive thousands of results. Here are some particularly helpful websites to help you save money and live frugally.

Frugal Village

Frugal Village is a comprehensive website offering tips on frugal cooking, simple living, and saving money at home. This website offers timely tips such as reusing Christmas cards or things to bargain shop for after Christmas. Whether you are looking for ways to reuse old baby clothes, reduce waste, or save money on groceries without digging through the newspaper for coupons, this website is for you.

Menus 4 Moms

This website focuses exclusively on how to save money through groceries, cooking, and creating a menu at home. The website’s best tips for shopping for groceries include shopping your pantry first, restocking your pantry only when grocery prices are low, planning your weekly menu first and sticking to it in the grocery store, and planning when you will eat leftovers to avoid wasting food. The website also includes recipes for frugal meals and how to cook in bulk to save money.

Frugal for Life

If you prefer a blog format to learn about money saving tips, consider Frugal for Life. This blog gives regular advice on saving money and improving your health—such as removing soda pop from your diet, eating at home, reducing portion sizes, and pursuing free exercise. This website offers real-world advice about saving money throughout the year by reducing unnecessary expenses and reusing everything from fabric scraps to pop cans.


Being Frugal gives money saving advice also in a blog format. The website gives links to coupons from retailers and companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, Netflix, and Sears. Recommendations for frugal living books can also be found here, along with advice for how to use other resources such as Craigslist.

Living on a Dime

This website offers a mini e-course on frugal living as well as recipes for frugal meals and tips for frugal housekeeping. The website sells products at discounted prices and offers money management advice. The website advocates Staying Home as a primary means of saving money. If you are a crafter, this website is ideal, as it gives do it yourself tips to trim your budget and feed your creativity.

Image Credit:  Darrren Hester, Flickr


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  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

    Hi Lela: I originally found you on "success stories". I love when people do well doing what they love. I loved your bio. Also I am starting to wade through some of your hubs. I am new on hubpages. Soon I won't be able to say that. Love this hub and you did a great job. We are all trying to save dollars these days. A THUMBS UP