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Loan Modification Hardship

Updated on July 10, 2010

Qualifying for Loan Modification Hardship

Life challenges us in many ways we can imagine and they come in many different forms. The current condition of the real estate market and the economy in general is just one good example, remember all the people that got laid off from their work because of this. Hard times come by in many different ways and sometimes it is dependent on individual perspective on things. A divorce for example can be used to apply for a loan modification hardship as well as hospitalization and the inability to go to work for medical reasons.

Facing a foreclosure on your home mortgage loan is one of the many adversities in life that most of us have to go through. And since foreclosure is not very good news for mortgage lenders because it’s a no win situation, they are willing to participate and work with their distraught homeowners for them to keep their homes. Losing your property and having it repossessed will be a great deal on remortgage fees if you try to enter a home loan remortgage deal to save your home. This is where privation for loan modification will come very much in handy.

Validating Financial Hardship

To become eligible for a loan modification hardship petition, a borrower must convince their financial lenders of their destitution to avail of such appeal. The validity of a homeowner’s hardship can be proven with by their current situation and these reasons may be caused by many different factors that concern their ability to be able to pay their dues. A petition letter that will state their current financial hardship will help modify their existing mortgage loans.

The letter of request to modify a loan due to hardships and other adversities should be drafted in plain words. It should explain the facts concisely, directly pointing out the cause leading to the inability to pay the loan. You must check the letter for any possibility of pointing the finger blame to your lenders in a manner of stating it on the appeal. Most mortgage lenders have a file cabinet bursting with loan modification letters, so make yours brief and short.

Modifying Your Interest Rate

There is a big possibility that you’ll be enduring higher monthly payments on your home mortgage loan, if you will be granted approval on your loan hardship letter. Once the loan has been modified, your interest rate will be adjusted and will be elevated from its original rate depending on the terms. Extending remortgage loans by adding to the time period will greatly affect the total of your payable in interest rate alone. This is an unfortunate event that you have to comply with in exchange of having your loan modified to serve its purpose.

Every mortgage lender will have their own set of terms and conditions when it comes to granting approval to loan hardship modification letters. They will also have different ways of verifying the facts stated in such petitions which will also differ from each lender. You can always seek out the services of a loss alleviation specialist or an attorney that is an expert on this matter. This will make it easier for you to prepare and summarize your appeal for the loan modification.

Loan Modification Hardship Letter


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