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Updated on June 2, 2013

Make money online without investment.


If you are thinking about making money online without investment. The best and easiest way to earn online is through PTC websites. PTC websites get advertisement from other companies or sponsors and get paid to click on these advertisements. PTC websites work as a link between Advertisers and Viewers and gets money from advertisers and pays a part of money to views to view advertisements.

Getting paid to view advertisements is a very easy work that requires no qualification or particular skills. You simply sign up on PTC websites view the advertisements and get credited. Now a days everyone is looking for ways to do some part time work to make some extra money. You can utilize the PTC concept to earn an extra income or you can work full time depending on your interest. You have got the freedom to work any time that's suitable for in 24 hours, as there is no obligation of time.

Earning from PTC just require a computer and internet connection. It's a very simple work but you must be careful while selecting PTC websites before joining them as internet is full of scam
websites. Many websites are scams and don't pay anything. So we are giving here a list of some of the legit and paying PTC websites.

You just need to register on these PTC websites and then click and view the advertisements for a few seconds which is usually from 10 to 30 seconds then you get credited. The amount you get is not much, websites usually pays some cents for each click, but the total amount increase as you click on more advertisements you click, if you do it daily and regularly the total amount builds and when you reach the set minimum amount for payout you can transfer money to your bank account through paypal or any other popular online payment processor available. You can increase your income if you add other persons to your downline as referrals. Earning through referrals is a great way to boost your income. When you add other person as referral when he or she click on ads you get credited too.

How to get started working on PTC websites:-

1. To register on these PTC websites you must have a valid email id if you haven't got one you can create you email id on gmail, hotmail, yahoo or any other website.

2. You need to create an account on some online payment processor website like paypal or alertpay for transferring money from PTC website to your bank account. These accounts are of two types personal account and business account. You should choose personal account because it will be totally free. This account will be used for receiving payout from these PTC websites.

3. Now Register on PTC websites for that click on the banners given here and the click on register, sign up or joing now option. After that you will have to fill up some information and finish and submit the form. The website may ask you to confirm your email account which you can do opening your email id and clicking on the link sent to your email id.

4. The next step is to click on log in option and then enter your user id and password and then after logging in click on view ads or ads option, you will see advertisements to click on. Click on the ads one at a time finish it and then click the next one. After clicking the ads new page is opened you will have to view the ad for a few seconds After the ad finishes loading you will see confirmation like "you have been credited" or "Done".


1. You can create only one account per internet connection otherwise your account may be suspended.
2. After logging in to a particular website view the advertisements one by one. Click next ad only after first one finishes.


Here I am giving you a list of some popular and legit top paying ptc sites. You can register on all these Top PTC sites and then start clicking on advertisements.








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