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Make Money In The Philippines By Opening A Sari Sari Store Business

Updated on September 12, 2014

What Is A Sari Sari Store?

Sari Sari Store is a convenient store found in the Philippines. The Tagalog terms sari sari means “variety”. Philippines variety store or sari sari store is commonly located within the house or an extension of the house. The front of the store is covered with metal screen and has a small opening window. Goods are being placed at the back of the metal screen so that buyers may see it. Most of the junk foods, candies are seen in front of the store. Can goods, cooking oil or cooking items, and others are seen at the back.

Spanish Time Sari Sari Store

20th Century Sari Sari Store
20th Century Sari Sari Store | Source

Philippines Sari Sari Store History

It is not clearly to where the concept of the sari sari store was originated. Currently, we can not trace the exact history of the sari sari store. Long before the American colony, Filipinos already started selling anything in their homes.

Some say that before the Spanish came to the Philippines, sari sari store already been in the country. Long time ago Filipino sari sari store dominated the Chinese sari sari store or they called it general merchandising. But the Filipinos lost its own game because Chinese people have more capital compare to them. Now, Chinese merchandising rules the convenient store business.

Sari Sari Store Goods

Sari Sari Store Business Survey

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Important Aspect To Consider In Opening A Sari Sari Store Business

  1. Location/Space

Sari sari store are being built in the front of the house. A small area in the house is a go to start a small sari sari store business. Meaning location is not a problem. They consider the location in order for the owner to comfortably access the store from the customer and household activity.

  1. Startup capital

You can start with Php 10,000 capital for the business considering that you have a small place in front of your house. Php 5,000 for the store construction which is located in front of your house.

The other Php 5,000 is for the goods for your business. Start with the basic need like, shampoo, soap, coffee, milk cooking oil, some can goods and etc.. Start with the few items like buying 2 cans of sardines, 2 cans of beef loaf and so on. Don't you worry later you will have a larger variety of goods to sell. Important thing is you already started the business.

  1. Operator or Sales Person (Basically the owner of the store)

Usually the salesperson in this kind of business is the owner. May be in the later part of the business they will hire sales person by the time their business will become bigger and more products to sell.

4. Business Permit

You can go to your local municipality for the business permit and they will guide you what to do.

In general point of view, sari sari store is one of the best ways to make money in the Philippines most especially to mothers who are just in their homes taking care of their children.

Sari Sari Store on The Corner


Bidang Pinoy Sari Sari Store

Real Sari Sari Store Business Success Story

Martinez family migrated in Cebu City form Davao last 2003. Ray Martinez, the husband was an experienced upholsterer. It was hard for the family before to earn money from upholstering. It doesn't even enough for each daily needs.

Marilou, the wife remembered; She loan two sacks of charcoal for them to start a new source of income. Marilou earned a profit of P300 and started a small sari sari store in their house. She though that sari sari store was an easy way to make extra money and much more comfortable.

She used the capital by purchasing goods such as soap, shampoo, coffee and etc.

Before they used to rent a house with no electricity and water. Now they already have their own house and much bigger Sari Sari Store business.

Sari Sari store goods generally add 20% profit margin and even 30% on some of the items sold.

Currently, the Marilou said; they buy goods thrice a week with the following break down. P35,000 for grocery, P30,000 for rice, P10,000 for cigarettes, P20,000 for charcoal and woods, and 20,000 for soft drinks. They also retail loads on all kind of networks.

Marilou added; they could earn from p10,000 to P16,000 a day from 5:30am until 10:30pm.

Martinez family is one of the many successful Filipino who believed so much in a Sari Sari Store business.


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