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How to Make Money using coupons

Updated on July 29, 2013

Earn CASH for every coupon used-- on top of the redemption value and the DOUBLED amount!

COUPONS, COUPONS, COUPONS! It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are using coupons. Coupons are now available through email, online, and even can be delivered straight to your cellular device. Using coupons are no longer just for the thrifty--they are for the competitive personalities!! As a mother of 5 children and someone who would describe herself as both thrifty and competitive, I had to find a way to maximize on the savings and I did! I now get cash for every coupon that gets scanned at the checkout! here's how I do it!

As I mentioned, coupons are everywhere. The success of the reality shows depicting the "extreme" side of couponing has caused many retailers to alter their policies (i.e. no doubling, no "stacking", and no free items) leaving couponers asking, "what now?". Follow the Steps below and not only will you make money for the coupons used at your local grocery store but you can also earn on your online shopping, game playing, and even for referring friends!

FIRST ---CHECK OUT THESE APPS THAT ACTUALLY PAY YOU to go grocery shopping! You get money in your account whenever you buy certain items...This is in addition to register and digital coupons !!!

ENDORSE - Sign up - here

Endorse in one of the newer apps that I have become aware of. You simply download the Endorse App to your smart phone. Earn from 10% up to 100% cash back on your everyday purchases wherever you shop including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, CVS, Whole Foods, Costco and Trader Joe's....EVEN ONLINE SHOPPING. Here is why Endorse is AWESOME--There are certain offers that you can "Upgrade" say for instance this week it is diapers....No matter what brand you buy, you can earn 10% back- There is a maximum of $5 so as long as they are all on one check, you can get your 10% back on multiples. Well--click the "upgrade" and simply by sharing the offer with your facebook friends, you instantly get 50% back instead!!

1) Download the Endorse App to your smart phone
2) Check out the offers- Upgrade those that you can by sharing the offer on facebook.

3) After you purchase eligible items, you must upload your receipt to the good people at Endorse.

Endorse will deposit your earnings into an account and once you reach a payout of $25, you can have the money deposited into your PayPal account....EASY MONEY!

IBOTTA - Sign up here -

Here's how it works....

1) Sign up for ibotta then download the app to your smart phone.
2) From there you can scroll through different items that you may select and earn from the purchase of. There are usually three different money earning tasks under each can watch the commercial for 25 cents, take a 1 answer quiz for 50 cents, etc. They offer approximately $20 a week in offers. These also typically match up with the printable coupons and sales out that week.
3)After you purchase the item...Go to your Ibotta app and select the store you purchased the items from and upload a copy of the receipt. You will also need to scan the item for verification with your phone. You will then receive the amount you "earned" through the tasks deposited in your Ibotta account.

I.e. a few of the coupons this week were from Kelloggs. I received $1 for certain cereal brands that I purchased simply by watching the commercial, answering a question,and learning a fun fact for each. EASY!

They have a very low threshold for payout...$5! I sent my receipt and was credited the money that night which is really fast compared to other similar sites. You can then ask that they send the money to paypal which is transferred within minutes.

SAVINGSTAR - Sign up Here

1) after you have signed up for Savingstar ...
2) Add your shopper card to the account.
3) Select the coupons that you may use at the grocery and these will automatically "redeem" at the register there is no need to upload a receipt!!!!!

The face value of these coupons will not come off your grocery bill BUT they Savingstar will deposit the face value into your Savingstar account which you can roll over to your bank or paypal account when you hit $10. Easily done!


1) Sign Up for Ebates or other online companies who pay you to shop (also try inbox dollars, send earnings, etc...shoot me a message and I can send a list to you)! You can purchase things from over 50 retailers and get a percentage of your money back in your paypal account or via check for doing so! You also get money for referring friends (currently $25 after they make a qualifying purchase).

2) Set up a SavingsStar account through Ebates. This is an online coupon method that deposits money into your paypal account when you purchase certain items. The BONUS TIP is that these match up very nicely with the coupons sent out via mailed coupons and other online couponing sites. .

3) Use your paper coupons at your local supermarket. Not only will the coupons double depending on the retailer BUT you will also get 10 CENTS per coupon used deposited in your Ebates account!!

Ebates has a payout schedule and the money can be sent via check or paypal.

Ten Cents doesn't seem like a lot of money BUT use 10 coupons from the site on each trip and its like getting a $1 paycheck just for clicking the coupons! Who doesn't like free money?

I hope that these tips and tricks help you put a little extra money into your pocket! In today's "Coupon War" you have to be resourceful and competitive so why not go with some trusted ways to MAKE money while shopping....not just save it!!

Good luck!


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