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Make Money as an Online Tutor

Updated on November 10, 2014

Technology has become so advanced these days that pretty much everything is available online. The Internet has become a vital component in the educational process, as well as being a convenient and reliable resource for learning. It’s even absolutely possible to make a career out of it. This article will teach you how to make money online as an online tutor.

If you have an interest in teaching, accompanied with decent qualifications and a reasonable amount of experience, this opportunity will be perfect for you. There are online tutoring jobs available and are highly sought for. It provides the student with the convenience of learning from his or her own home; that means time and money being saved on travelling to a tutoring centre and back home. If that isn’t convincing enough for you, here’s the best part. You can find students globally. Tutors are usually limited to their local markets; but not you. Your skill set should consist of communication skills, fundamental Internet knowledge, and a specialisation in a subject. Yes, that’s literally all you need. Your specialisation does not even have to revolve around the education industry; it could be in regards to typing and mathematical problem solving. Ironically, you could even be teaching people how to make money online!

The role of an online tutor is rather simple. You’ll mainly be utilising internet-based software such as Blackboard to upload files, assignments, and video lessons for your students to download. On top of that, you’ll be chatting constantly with your students and audio or video conferencing. It’s no different than an ordinary tutor, the only difference is that everything you do will be conducted online and in the comfort of your own home to boot. The most important thing to establish before proceeding to the next step is to differentiate your service from the rest of the other tutors.

Now that you’ve understood what you need and what you do as an online tutor, the last valuable piece of information that you need is where to start. So here’s a small list of websites that you can use to find students.


Craigslist is a great place to start. Just create a simple ad that covers the service you’re offering. Here are a few tips for posting on craigslist: Have a great title that forces people to click on them and periodically delete and re-submit your ad. This is to ensure that your ad stays visible.


You need to send in an application and await approval from the website before you can start scouting for students. No fees are involved in the application process, which is nice. Here’s a tip to get approval: Select multiple subjects to position yourself as a well-versed and experience tutor.


Tutorvista specialises in online tutoring. The subject choices are limited to educational subjects,that means you can't post a tutoring service for more general skills.


Elance is a freelancing website that allows freelancers to advertise their profiles. Just post your job and have a decent portfolio and you'll be all set.


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