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Make More Money Than You Thought With Swagbucks

Updated on July 20, 2015

What Exactly Is "Swagbucks" and Why Do I Care?

Swagbucks is one of the most reliable--and easiest--ways I have found to earn a predictable amount of side income.

I'm not talking hundreds of dollars a week; however, with only 30 minutes of dedicated time and strategic planning per day, I average $50 per month of groceries through an Amazon Prime Pantry Box. And for our struggling family, this is an amazing way to stock up on the staples. In fact, last month, we bought a Prime Pantry box with 5 cans of Gerber Baby Oatmeal, 4-2.25 pound boxes of couscous, a box of energy bars, and a few other odds and ends. These are all items that I have not been able to use couponing to buy.

Basically, you just watch videos, view advertisements, play games, take surveys, print coupons, enter codes, etc, and you earn Swagbucks. Each Swagbuck equals 1 penny, but the more you earn, the more bonuses you receive and the greater the value (for you) to exchange Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. All gift cards are e-gift cards, meaning that they are codes to enter while online shopping, or receipts that you print from your computer like a coupon.

I can't stress this enough, THERE IS ZERO COST REQUIRED TO EARN SWAGBUCKS! So don't be afraid to sign up.

How To Earn Your $50 in Amazon Giftcards

So now we get to the good part. How exactly do we earn those Amazon cards?

Here's the basic strategy:

First, you may be relieved to know that you only have to earn 4,400 Swagbucks to earn $50 worth of Amazon cards. The reason for this is that $25 cards cost 2,200 Swagbucks rather than 2,500. That's a $6 gain right there!!

Second, if you have a Smartphone, make your default browser. This sounds strange, but there is a partnership between Swagbucks and Bing that allows you to earn Bing credits towards $5 in Swagbucks credits. This is EXTREMELY doable every month. If you are a curious person who looks up words that they hear on a regular basis, you will easily earn the 15 possible points per day--totaling 450 points per month. The remainder is made up of their special daily searches for which you gain extra credit.

Third, be consistent in your earning of approximately 110 additional points per day. You will receive additional bonuses for reaching daily point goals, and for reaching those goals for 30 consecutive days.

Here are the 10 best -- and quickest -- ways to earn the required 110 Swagbucks daily:

  1. Use the Toolbar (1 SB) - Once the toolbar is installed--it is an extension on the Google Chromebook--it will automatically update your Swagbucks.
  2. Complete the Daily Poll (1 SB) - These are quick, single-question polls that take 15 seconds.
  3. NOSO Extension (2 SB) - This takes about 45 seconds, but the key is just "skip" each offer until you get to the end and type in the code from the video.
  4. Daily Encave (1 SB) - This basically asks you to watch/listen to 2 videos for roughly 30 seconds a piece and earn 1 Swagbuck.
  5. Watch (aim for 25 SB) - This section has it's own heading, and when you click on it, the link takes you to the Swagbucks TV. Each video fills the meter by 10% after approximately 30 seconds. Every time the meter fills, you earn 3 SB. At approximately 5 minutes per cycle, it takes 45 minutes to earn the required Swagbucks. Coincidentally, this is exactly the amount of time it takes for me to complete my chores around the house, so I just play it in the background.
  6. Complete a few uncomplicated offers on the homepage (aim for 50 SB worth) - In addition to these offers on the homepage (look for offers asking you to watch a video/activity for 2-3 SB, or sign up for an online newsletter for 5-15 SB), look at category "Offers" under the "Discovery" heading. Pick the right ones, and the points will pile on quickly. The key is to pick offers that don't require credit card information.
  7. The remaining 30 points are easily accrued through Swagcodes (which you can search for through Google or Swagbucks' blog), additional video sessions, or through using the Swagbucks search engine to earn up to 20 points per day.
  8. DON'T FORGET TO PRINT THE COUPONS!! Each used coupon nets you 10 Swagbucks and occassionally, Swagbucks offers you bonus points just for printing a certain amount. I try to print 30 or so a month for products that I sincerely will buy and use.

* Items 1-4 are items listed under the heading "To Do List" on the left-hand side of the homepage.

Cashing Out

Alrighty, once you have earned those 4,400 Swagbucks, take them right to the Rewards Store and get yourself any 2-$25 cards that you like. I prefer the Amazon cards because I can stretch my dollar further, but that's just me. Then I take the codes to Amazon Prime Pantry and stock up on whatever my family needs.

HINT: If you are good with quarantining your earnings and can get $50 in PayPal credits, you may be able to take this money and buy $50 in Amazon cards from and get the $10 bonus!! Let me know if this works for anyone, I've never tried it.

What What If I'm Bored One Day? What Can I Earn?

If you are at all like me, my first thought about Swagbucks was--just how much could I potentially earn using Swagbucks?

I can't say I blame you for asking, it's an interesting proposition; however, I wouldn't recommend it unless you were sick in bed and needed a completely mindless way to earn money. In total, the segments listed would earn approximately 20,000 Swagbucks or $200 per month.

1. Activities (max. 150 SB/day = 4500 SB/month)

2. Videos (max. 150 SB/day = 4500 SB/month) - You would basically have to have this running constantly.

3. Bonus for hitting SB targets (avg. 500 SB/month)

4. Referrals - 3 per month (3000 SB/month) - Yep, you can make money by referring others to the program. It's not a lot, but every little bit counts.

5. Surveys (avg. 100 SB/day = 3000 SB/month)

6. Offers and shopping - gifts, etc... (max. 150 SB/day = 4500 SB/month)

Ok, that's what it would take...daunting... Maybe eventually I'll be able to work up to that. Meanwhile, I hope this article helps to clarify Swagbucks' place as an online presence for earning side income.

Happy Earning!!

What's The Most Money You Have Made From Swagbucks In 1 Month?

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