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Make The Task Of Tax Filing Faster And Simpler

Updated on June 29, 2011

Six Tips Concerning Taxes To Help Taxpayers

Preparing taxes should not be such a frustrating event. This year, the Internal Revenue Service, also known as the I.R.S., comprised six tips about taxes to help taxpayers make the task of tax filing faster and simpler.


One: Avoid procrastination and fight the impulse to wait until the final deadline for tax filing. When you rush to beat that deadline, you miss important sections and make errors, as well as miss opportunities to get great tax deductions and credits.

Two: Go to the I.R.S. web site for the year 2010. Over 304,000,000 taxpayers went to the site. Make certain to visit the 1040-central area when you initially visit the web site., because you can read the current news reports from the I.R.S. and find answers to any inquires or concerns you might have about 2010 taxes and tax filing this year.

Three: Make sure you use the free electronic tax filing services, because these services will do it all for you. Make sure you use the popular, brand name companies and their software, or the Internet printable and fillable tax forms. All this is obtainable at the web site. All taxpaying people will see free, faster and simpler alternatives for preparing taxes and filing tax returns, like the E-File (electronic filing over the computer) option. If your earnings were $58k or lower, you can use the tax programs, free, provided via a number of private or community partners, manufacturing companies of tax software who have joined forces with the I.R.S. to offer such programs to taxpayers, free. If your earnings were higher than $58k, or you feel it necessary to file your own tax forms, there are free tax filing, printable and fillable forms you can use and e-file formats or paper format 1040 or 1040-EZ forms via the Internal Revenue web site at Go to their secure web pages and view your free tax filing choices there.

Four: The I.R.S. and e-file options have come a long way within the past twenty-one years, and is now more secure, safer, faster and simpler. It is actually the most popular method for reporting income and filing taxes today. Just in the previous year, 70% of taxpaying people, which calculates to around 99,000,000 individuals, used the I.R.S. E-File services. Beginning in the year 2011, many tax professionals will have to use the E-File system and will have to tell you what all your tax-filing choices are. This is your opportunity to try something new and file taxes on your own, if you choose. The I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) has already processed, in secure and safe ways, over one billion tax returns electronically. If you happen to owe the I.R.S. money, you additionally have tax installment alternatives, where you can file instantly and pay now, or you can choose to make a payment arrangement or pay later, of course by the deadlines established. The best part about electronic tax filing is the fact that taxpayers can E-File and receive their refund via their bank account (direct deposits) if they want, and they receive their money within 7-10 days in most cases.

Five: Do not fill with anxiety if you are unable to pay the complete sum you owe the I.R.S. by the middle of April 2011. You should be able to file tax forms by the time limit and pay whatever amount you are capable of paying, to elude penalty fees or interest charges for late payments. In addition, you ought to communicate with the Internal Revenue Service to talk about your payment alternatives, and their toll-free number is 1-800-829-1040. The I.R.S. might be capable of assisting you by offering you payment arrangements for the taxes you owe.

Over 75% of taxpaying people qualify for payment arrangements, otherwise known as “Installment Agreement,” and can fill out the application with an Internet-based payment arrangement form, which is obtainable at the web site. To learn more information about this fast and easy, not to mention handy, procedure, you can type the words ‘Online Payment Agreement’ into your Internet browser (either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) or at the web site where you see the word “search” on the home page.

Six: Ask for a Tax Filing extension for your taxes - However, pay before or when the deadline arrives, the middle of April 2011, and the clock is ticking faster than you might think in that direction. You can get an instant extension, for six months, which means you will have until the month of October instead of April. Nevertheless, the extension for filing your taxes does not offer you extra time to make payments on outstanding taxes. If you still haven’t made a payment for taxes owed or a partial payment, of at the least 90% of the complete amount you owe the I.R.S. (which is due by the middle of April), you might end up paying penalties, otherwise known as a ‘Estimated Tax Penalty.’ To request and get an extension via the Internal Revenue Service, simply fill out Form-4868, known as the Automatic-Extension of Time-to-File-US Individual Income-Tax-Returns. The simplest method for filing taxes is by way of Form-4868, by means of the Free-E-File software via the Internal Revenue Service website (at file). Form-4868 is additionally obtainable to download at the site, or you can choose to contact them at 1-800-829-3676 (1-800-tax-form) and ask them to mail you the 1040 or 1040-EZ paper form and file your taxes via regular mail, so long as it is mailed by midnight on the deadline date.


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