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Make Your ebook Sell with Professional 3D ebook Cover Design

Updated on November 24, 2012
Professional ebook cover design
Professional ebook cover design | Source

Writing an E-book that SELLS is not easy as if you are told as I have discussed in my previous hub, link of which is given.. Equally important as researching, creating, publishing your ebook and marketing, ebook cover design comes with its own challenges. That is why I took time to cover this very critical feature of ebook writing.

What make it more challenging to design cover of ebook is that unlike print books that you can pick up and examine, ebooks don’t exist in any physical reality. So how do you make the invisible look visible? Here I discuss three critical features of ebook cover design. I have used this feature in one of my own ebooks and it sold like hot cakes in my country. I will soon publish the ebook with Amazon and I am excited to see how it works.

Seeing the ebook from the front

Professionally designed ebook cover (front cover)
Professionally designed ebook cover (front cover) | Source

Seeing the ebook from the side and back

Professional ebook cover design (side and back cover)
Professional ebook cover design (side and back cover) | Source

Since bursting onto the market in 2007, digital reading devices have become incredibly popular. The first version of the Amazon Kindle sold out in just over five hours, and late last year, Amazon announced that, for the first time ever, ebook sales surpassed that of paperback books. What the traditional publishers have dreaded has come to pass. Thanks to the advent of the new Amazon Kindle book reader that has placed entrepreneurs in a very advantageous position to earn income online.

Traditional publishing houses will now have to raise their level to gain full control on book publication. Many still prefer hard covers and paper backs but those books are fast being converted to ebooks and sold on sites like Amazon and iBookstore. Authors now have greater control over their books and some have made fortune on books alone.

I have been earning quit a substantial amount of money coaching and writing ebooks for the last few months. That is given me the motivation to write this hub.

So why should you read this hub?

I’m sure you’d love the independence and increased cash flow that come with self-publishing an ebook, but how do you begin? How do you write it? Who can convert it to digital ebook format? And most importantly – how in the world do you make enough sales to support yourself? In this hub, we will answer only one question. How can you make your ebook sell with professional cover design? There are thousands of ebooks online and getting into ebook market is lot tougher than you think. That is why I wrote this hub to help you in your journey. This maybe the most important hub about ebook cover designs you have read. Study it and do it.

Over the months I have been meticulously studying ebook covers. The ones that sell well and the ones that don’t. Here I have compiled few features that I recon are common in most best selling ebooks.

Feature # 1: Simple

The ebook cover is the door way to your book. It is the sign post that potential buyers read before they decide to buy or walk away. If you make your cover too complex for the reader to understand, even with the graphics, titles and subtitles, you risk losing that buyer. Keep the cover to the title, author name and one graphic that instantly communicate something about the tone or genre of the book. The graphics has to be simple and at least relate to the message in the ebook. You don’t want to place image of Geckos in your cover page when your ebook talks about Elephants. You get the idea.

Feature # 2: Right size

If your ebook has to be placed on sites like Amazon or iBook store, than size is super important. I think you really need to design for the smallest size of all, and here’s why. That size is the one that your book is displayed in when you do a search. Our main focus is for people who don’t know about your ebook to find your ebook quickly and buy it. Don’t make it too small or unreadable. There are online tools you can use to re-size the size of your ebook cover. Not to big or not to small, just the right size works wonder if you ebook has to be sold online.

Feature # : Strategy

You can have the best ebook written. Have a simple, yet professionally done cover page and of right size, you are still at the risk of not selling a single copy. That is when strategy comes into play. You must set up marketing strategies that best suits your resources. If you have to build a brand for yourself, than you must strategically position yourself to capture that market segment you are in.

An easy way to do so is to break up your 1000 page ebook to smaller, easy to read books and publish in series. Positioning has a lot to do with how your book compares to other books in its niche or genre. Is it the deluxe version of a beginning carpentry book? The quick guide to fixing your Volkswagen? Advice for love-struck teens?

The bottom line is for the readers to identity you easily or your ebooks easily. That adds up to your branding and positioning like I mentioned earlier. In print book design, we usually consider the combination of the graphic elements on a cover with the typography of the title as making up the basic “brand” of the book. This is also true with e-books but, because we have to simplify them for online display, they have to do this work even more efficiently than their print book counterparts.


Keep it simple, yet professional and just the right size. Strive to strategically build your brand and positioning. Hope you find this hub useful and use the simple lessons here to sell and profit from your ebook.


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Hi guys

      My latest hub on professional ebook designs. Some tips for you. Enjoy and learn