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Make money dont lose it online

Updated on October 19, 2012

Where do i start hmmm. After many attempts and countless hours of searching the web to make money i realised that even when you do manage to make a bit of money its only pittance.! For instance i started to do online surveys which take up alot of time and for what....exactly but dont get me wrong there is 1 or 2 survey sites out there that pay o.k. The next thing i tried in my quest to make extra money was click to get paid adverts this was for sure one of the biggest cons so far not because they try asking you for an up front sum because they dont well not from my experience. They just dont pay enough for example you watch a 30 second ad and for what £0.02 yeah thats what i thought not even 1 pence. As i kept looking online for ways to make money i realised that there was no sure start way of making a good earning. The biggest cons online are the ones that ask you for money upfront the ones that say "instant rervenue maker" on sale dont miss out at this special price for a one time only fee of £19.99 used to be £59.00. Yeah right this is how they do it the page you go on is copied and resold to you and then you sell it again to the next unfortunate victim.

One of the best way's to make money online and probably still the best is yeah u have probably heard of it "EBAY". Biggest online market out there still doesnt mean you dont have to be careful though.

Another good way of making good money is by writing articles or blog writing type it up on yahoo or google and see for yourself.

One thing is for sure your not going to be an over night millionare over night on the internet. Its dog eat dog out there. There was one person who sold pixelated adverts in america and sold them for a dollar a ad and made millions overnight honestly look it up.

"Dont get caught out like some people do"

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