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Make money out of researching your child's school project topic

Updated on July 13, 2011

Why not earn a little money from the school project research you or your child does?

Although I still encourage children and their parents to use "good old books" for doing research for a school project, it's really easy to just hop onto the Internet and do some research there, and many children and their parents do it often.

I try get my children to use various mediums of research: books, magazines and newspapers, an encyclopedia on their computer (I don't yet allow them Internet), or, if I'm not busy with any work on my computer, they can do some research there. My computer has Internet - sorry, really blonde thing to say as obviously I have Internet to be able to add this information to the Internet - but I'm leaving it there - perhaps to indicate that a down to earth average Joe or Jane can take a normal situation like researching a school project, and turn it into a bit of extra income - my computer has Internet, the research is done by either myself or my child, and then the child moves onto the next step of doing the school project.

The project is done; everyone is happy, and life carries on.

So how does one earn an extra income from doing research for a child's school project?

 You or the child may have gathered information from various Internet sources.  The content may have been copied and pasted into a text file, and put on a flash disk for your child to use on his own computer, where he will go through the content, take note of the URL addresses to list in his project's bibliography, summarise the content in his own words, and get on with starting to create the pages for his project.

Why can't you do this too?

You can!  Summarise and rewrite the content saved, even if having taken the information from various sites, and combine it all together, in your own words. Create an article (or many) about the topic.

Upload the article to your website or blog (that has Adsense ads or other ads on), or to your account on an ad revenue sharing site. Perhaps add some images obtained from a free stock photo site and always credit the artist or photographer, or link to the original image if it's required.

Promote the article or articles a bit, and earn from the ads displayed on the same page or pages. It may take some time to earn anything, but when it's time for the next school project, do it all over again, and your content visible to Search Engines will grow.

If you don't waste time getting it done, perhaps even half the kids in your child's class will find the article when they start to do their school project research - and perhaps the kids doing the same school project the following year.

It may be a good idea to write your article quite differently to how your child wrote his own version of the subject, so that you don't end up with half the kids in your child's class (including your child) handing in very similar projects!

Every time there's a new school project, do this again.  Your informative site, blog or article category on an ad revenue site will soon start filling up with plenty of what children and parents need when doing research for a school project. Perhaps even give the school a link to your pages, telling them it's where the school children or their parents can find lots of information related to the school projects they do at that school.

It may be gradual, but traffic to the articles will increase if what you are offering is something that is needed by many - many children and parents doing research for a school project every day!  


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    • Tony Flanigan profile image

      Tony Flanigan 7 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Brilliant idea Terry!