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Making 15% on Your Money

Updated on November 7, 2009


Getting 15% return on your money is usually only done through significant risk but there is a way to lower your risk without the problems associated with investing in something much riskier like stocks.

15% Returns

Making 15% through lending money to others through a person to person site called Lending Club is rather common.  The site allows you to make investment for as little as $25 per loan.  If you have $100 investment you can spread the risk by investing in four different loans.  Should their be a default Lending Club takes care of all the legal actions while you wait to recover your investment.


Making a 15% return through Lending Club is rather common.  You reduce your risk through small loan amounts, multiple loan types, and legal actions should a loan default.  There is much less risk making these loans than your average stock market investment.


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