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Making Extra Money with Your PC Doing Nothing

Updated on January 29, 2010
Making money with your pc
Making money with your pc

Running Gomez Peer

There is a cool little money making program that is taking the internet by storm.
Its called Gomez Peer Zone, and you get paid for donating your pc processing power.

I have been paid by Gomez Peer Zone, so don't believe any scam rubbish about Gomez Peer.

Gomez peer is a great service to sign up for that lets you make money while your pc is on.if your a fan of downloading, and normally leave your pc on for long periods of time then i would recommend you sign up for this program to make some money that will come in handy for the electricity bill. Although you can earn a maximum of $45 a month, the requirements are very little.

You download a small program (click here for the official link) that then runs silently in the background which uses some of your processing power to beta test webpages. Nothing comes up on your screen, or gets in the way of your day to day activities.

You have to stay online, while the program is running, and it can take a couple of month to get approved, but it will happen, and until then your earnings will roll over, and you can collect them in your paypal account.

Better yet, if you have a network of pc's then they can work together, and double your earnings quicker.

There is also an affiliate option that pays you a dollar for everyone you sign up.


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      impossible to subscribe 5 years ago

      impossible to subscribe that's ridiculous...