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Making Money Online Answering Surveys: The Surveys List!

Updated on February 9, 2017

With the economy on the low side and bills piling up, many of us have tried to look for some side money. With the boost of the internet, many are looking for online income, and this has become extremely popular these days. Among the many opportunities (and scams) the internet has provided us with, there are a few popular options: data entry and surveys to just name a couple.

If you research on Google, the many ways to earn money online, you will see that surveys show up quite often. The idea is that you can make money by providing your honest opinion on services and products that you already know and use. So far so good, it seems quite an honest way of earning money, especially if you do not mind providing personal information and helping companies perfect their marketing skills to target you better with ads.

However, if you do opt for this method of earning an income, there are a few things that you should know ahead of time. After being burned a few times with the 'get-your-money-making-survey-list', I have decided to provide people with a reality check and maybe help avoid wasting their precious time and money away.

The Money-Making list of Survey Directories:

In trying to make some extra income online, I have encountered quite a few offers from people who wanted to "give" me a list of survey platforms that could make me some substantial income in just a few minutes a day. The "give" there should give you something to think about, more often than not, they ask you for a small fee or donation of... let's say $5.99 or something.

Beware of this! What will happen is quite simple: you pay that fee and what they send you is a list of survey directories to which you have to sign up for first, before getting any survey or money.

So basically, they make it sound like all you have to do is sign up with them, start answering surveys and get paid. But really, all they did was merely type in "survey directories" on Google and gather them all into one page. You still have to comb through the list ad sign up with individual companies. Then, you have to fill out a bunch of profiles to even begin to receive surveys. Eventually, your inbox will start flooding with surveys from many different websites, for which you still have to qualify for, despite the profiles you’ve created!

Money Wasted
Money Wasted

Why is it a Problem?

You could say that these people, at least, went to the trouble of researching and compiling a useful list of survey directories, plus set up a webpage where you can access this list, and they spent time and maybe even money to advertise it and get you to see it, right?

Well… not so! With a little time on your hands and a little research, you will eventually find out that:

1. They are Free, to begin with!!

Most of these survey directories do not charge you anything to sign up for an account and start earning with them.

This is the biggest wake-up call! What does it mean? It means that you just spent money on something you could have done yourself with a simple Google Search! Bang! Money down the drain!

2. The List is not screened!

Often the people that sell you these lists do not go through the trouble of figuring out if these survey directories are legitimate.

You can easily be paying for a whole bunch of really futile survey companies that will, in one way or another, waste your precious time and money!

3. They get a commission!!

So first, they make money from your registration fee. This way, they get paid whether you sign up for the survey companies or not.Then they also receive a commission in points, cash or prizes, for having you sign up for each of those websites under their name. Double earnings for them, none for you!

Worse Yet:

After all of this, you find out that the list they gave you is full of scam artists! You end up with your inbox piling up with surveys that you rarely qualify for, or waste your time completing for a miser few cents – or worse – points and prize draws you’ll never cash out! Bang ~$5.99 (or more) straight to the garbage!

If you have experienced this already, maybe it feels better to know that I am speaking from my own experience too. At least, you are not alone. Still, just make sure you don’t fall for that again, and this goes for any other online business idea/opportunity.

Word of Advise:

Do your research first, look for things yourself! Most of the time you can start earning money with just a little time and research put into it, no money in. After all, in the offline world you don’t pay to attend an interview without guarantee of getting hired, do you? So you should not do it online either!


Have you ever been scammed by 'survey lists'?

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© 2010 Veronica Almeida


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    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 6 years ago from TORONTO

      Thank you!

      Yes surveys are in deed a very tricky things that waste people's time more often than not. :)

      *sorry for the late response but have been away for a while..

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 7 years ago from UK

      Very good hub. I do not believe much in the surveys stuff. There are more serious ways to make money online. Most of them take time. Up for you.