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Making Money Through Passive Income

Updated on June 20, 2016

Cashflow while you sleep

For the people who want to venture using the internet, especially bloggers, there’s a great hype on earning money through passive income. Everybody is searching for a viable way of making money in the internet.

What is a passive income? Unlike earning by taking up a 9-5 job or any activity that will make you money by trading your time and effort, earning passive income has a different deal were you initially need to invest your time and effort to create systems that will generate money even without your physical presence, even while you are taking a nap.

However, this is easier said than done.

A lot of online entrepreneurs do have aspirations to create and earn from passive income, yet they don’t even make a substantial amount enough to make a living. Frustrations and disappointments is not uncommon.This sad reality for business minded folks who want to give a shot venturing on the World Wide Web often happens. How could this be possible?

The main reason is because a lot of people who want to make money from passive income, but the value they are creating isn’t proportional on the amount of money they want to earn. They are more focused on how they can earn money than how they can make value that can grab attention to prospective markets.

What you really need is to focus on how to create a product that can be passively appreciated by a target market. But the value you tend to produce can’t be genuinely useful if you didn’t have the sincere heart to produce it at the first place. For a song writer, writing a song could be very easy, but writing an ear catching song that can touch the hearts of potential listeners is another thing. On everything you do, you really need to do what you love if you’re really wanted to earn from it. This is a problem if making money is your primary focus. Trying to monetize for the sake of earning big bucks is a weak mindset.

Creating a passive value should be your main focus if you wanted to earn from streams of passive income system. How can you create passive value? If you can identify what you can do best, perhaps you’re a great guitar player, have an excellent dexterity on making a one of a kind craft or a spontaneous writer. Then you will know that these are your potential sources to create passive value.

Being money motivated alone as your primary mindset can mislead you on creating passive value. Be a master of your own domain first and learn to express what you do best. This will be your best source on creating passive value.

While kick-starting a passive income stream, don’t worry making money at first, especially if your initial investment is dirt cheap, like purchasing a self-hosted website. Just create something that you feel be a benefit to other people. Be happily and generously express these values, even for free at first.

Of course, in order for you to identify if the value you are creating can potentially be monetized, you need to wait for the feedback of the market you are trying to reach out. If that value gets rejected, don’t be disheartened. Treat it as a blessing. If it wasn’t good enough, at least you’ll know it upfront, and that’s a good thing. It is an opportunity to tweak and improve it and make it a great product.

Once you’ve completed the groundwork, you’re on your journey towards the road to success of earning money through passive income.


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