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Making Money with Demand Studios: What You Should Know

Updated on May 25, 2011
Every little bit helps!
Every little bit helps! | Source

These days, money is hard to come across easily. Even making money online has gotten harder to do, even with more opportunities out there. There is just too much competition. One site that I found to be legitimate as well as fairly easy to make decent money with is Demand Studios.

The application process for Demand Studios is the hardest part of the entire money making process. I heard back within three days and I was accepted my first time applying. However, my English Major husband had to apply three different times before he was able to get hired on. They never really post when they are hiring, because there is always something on their site that says they are. However, I think that even when they don’t need people the posting stays up and those who apply gets turned away.

When applying, make sure that you have a good resume and writing sample to send to them. Send you absolute best sample because they decide to hire you or not based on it. Your resume should be clear and concise with lots of information focusing on your writing experience and education. Your resume should have lots of white space and a maximum of two pages, the shorter the better. Employers want to see what you have to offer them, not read your life story. If you do get rejected the first go around, work on your resume and writing sample to try again. Also, you will need a new e-mail address to reapply because they won’t accept applications from an e-mail address that has been rejected. Wait a week or two, and then submit your stuff all over again.

Now for the fun part, when you get accepted. You have to start out with three articles that will go to their copy editors in high standing to evaluate your work. They will give you pointers on things to change in order to fit Demand Studios standards (which are pretty high). After you finish these three, your claim limit goes up to ten. At this point, you can write as many articles a day as your little heart desires.

Demand Studios always have 70,000+ articles available to write, so you will always be able to find material to write about. If you submit an article and the copy editor that it was sent to do not approve it, it will come back as a rewrite for you to fix. They will make thorough notes for what you need to change, which will usually just be small changes. Then you resubmit and they will accept or reject it permanently at this point.

The pay is great too. Most articles pay $15 for regular 500-600 word articles. They have all sorts of article formats, my favorite being the How-To for eHow. For simple two to three sentence tips for AnswerBag you will get $3. Sometimes there are short About articles that are only 250-500 words long for $7.50. If you can do 10 articles a day, that’s $150! I can generally do about two articles an hour, just to give you a time frame.

Another plus is that they allow you to create your own How-To articles for revenue share. This is awesome because you can build up your articles and make money every month. I only have 20 articles or so on the site and make about $10 every month. Doesn’t seem like much, but keep in mind I do no extra work for the $10. Also, my articles are generally on pets rather than a popular topic. Your article goes on popular sites like eHow, so you will get lots of traffic. I love this option because I sometimes can’t find good articles to write for the flat $15.

I personally love this site. I know some people hate how strict the site can be, but I try to look at it as it helping me better my freelance work. Plus, if it looks like I may be a little short on bills at the end of the month, I quickly do a few articles to make the difference. Pay day is twice a week, which is wonderful. I get mine through PayPal, so it is instant (no waiting for a check!) Great option if you can get hired on.

Clcik here to read more about ways to make money!  


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