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Working from Home on the Internet

Updated on May 1, 2016

Is it honestly feasible to make a living from your kitchen table with only your laptop, actually it is but do not be fooled and get drawn into anything unless you are a 100% sure. First of all, never give up after only a few days looking at this and that you have to persevere and keep at it. You might take two weeks to find your perfect vocational work, then again, it might take you six months. That is why I cannot stress enough you have to persevere and be determined. That is how I started out, and believe me I was not a computer expert. I'm still learning new things today but I enjoy what I am doing. And that is an important point, for the first time in my life I am enjoying my work, once you reach that point succeeding will be second nature. Never concentrate too much on the financial side, especially in the beginning, you will eventually be rewarded.

Once you've prepared yourself for the long haul, a plan is needed, it should be well executed, never be too ambitious when starting out, try to be realistic. Design a plan with you in mind to start with, maybe a hobby or something you've wanted to do your whole life but never managed it until now. The Internet is full of knowledge, facts, and answers with every aspect covered in one respect or another. If you like, indulge yourself and do something that is completely different to what you would usually do it's never ending that's how big the internet is. I came from a construction background then after losing both my parents I felt a change was needed. Though our business had done well we had so many bad debts with people not paying us for our services, it came to the point where I’d had enough. My plan was to write online, since I was a child in school I enjoyed writing and that became my vocation I have never looked back.

Whatever you plan to do, be it a website, affiliate marketing, research your idea intensively. Do not do what I did and go head on hitting brick walls, be patient take time to plan your idea then you will get there in the end. Once you have your idea you'll want to put yourself out there and get yourself up and running. In the meantime however, brace yourself for the onslaught, your email inbox will be a hive of activity with a constant flow of emails. Some productive and some just a waste of time, you will probably get more junk mail than good mail for the first few weeks, or even months. Don't worry you only need two or three good emails to start earning. I receive a thousand emails a day, when I switch my laptop on in the mornings I'll have at least six hundred emails in my inbox and a hundred spam mail. These emails will be from your efforts in marketing yourself. Although, you have to remember you need these emails as you will get two or three productive ones, and they will supply you with real life contacts and potential earning opportunities. Now would be a good time to look for some way to capitalize on the volume of emails, by getting paid to receive emails, that's what I did, it’s a very small sideline but, it is better than nothing. You won’t make enough to live on, but it will make a nice bit of extra cash. After time, you will get used to all the emails, and even the spams, hopefully, you'll have divided your emails into different folders and subfolders, you will need to do this quite early on.

Once you are set up, earning will be your main goal, and as quickly as possible, and everyone’s dream is to earn big if you can. Which is achievable and not impossible, however, be aware there are scams out there preying on victims like you. Who knows what lays ahead when starting out on a new venture. Making a good living, though, is achievable without working day and night, the only exception being right in the beginning, you'll probably have to for the first month or two. After those couple of months, you can get away with working three to five hours a day, and maybe work an extra hour or so on an odd day. Me personally I work four to six hours per day, the six hours on an odd day, that's my choice, though, I could get away with working less but I am enjoying what I do. The following few months all the work you have sorted for yourself, be It to do your job, or run your own Internet business, hopefully, all will run nicely, with no hiccups or glitches. All you need to do is check your bank account to see the money flowing in. So, you could say I am proof that you can make a good living off the Internet as long as you persevere none stop, be focused and have tunnel vision to succeed. I had no computer or internet skills learning everything as I went along, and here’s hoping you can find your vocation online and can kiss your nine to five job goodbye.


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