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Manifest More Money and Better Income

Updated on August 25, 2014

Ahhh Money. Money makes the world go 'round. At least that's what they say. Whether or not you agree with it, a majority of us find ourselves in need of money at some point. Once we get it, we eventually find ourselves in need of even more money. *Sigh*, and the cycle continues.

If only we could effortlessly manifest more of the stuff in our lives. That would make things a whole lot easier wouldn't it. I think so anyway. Wait! We can. Money is just energy. The only difference is that it takes a bit more focus and investment to manifest money than it does other types of energy. Whether that focus is mostly thought focused, time focused, work focused, investment focused, or some other means is up to you. However, a combination of them all with thought being your primary focus can help you manifest even more money. Sort of like not putting all of your eggs in one basket type of deal.

Let's first take a look at how you think about money.

How you think about money

What is money? No, I mean what is money to you. The first step to manifesting more money in your life is to brainstorm or analyze how or what you think about money. Your own personal beliefs and ideas.

Many of us may subscribe to the idea that money may be the root of all evil or the idea of more money, more problems. When you think about it, how can you possible manifest a better income if you believe in such ideas. The result is, no matter how much you need money, if you subscribe to these ideas, you'll never have very much.

So the first step to manifesting more money in your life is to A)analyze how you think about money.

  • Do you feel over all positively about money or negatively?
  • How do you feel about acquiring a lot of money?
  • Do you feel that people do mostly good things with money?

Change/Enhance the way you think about money

If you find that you have subscribed to any of the limited beliefs about money let's focus on changing those beliefs. If you have not, GREAT, let's work towards enhancing those beliefs.

The best way to change and enhance the way you think about money is to connect it to those positive, high energy values; values like peace, love, joy, and creativity. Creativity is my favorite value to connect with money. We can all agree that creativity is a good thing. We can also agree that money provides us the means to be creative. Let's reverse that thought and say, "Creativity provides us a means to manifest more money." Because, it truly does.

Think of an activity that helps you to think of money in a creative way. My recommendation is a money journal. You can come up with own if you'd like.

SN: You may even want to change what you think you must do to earn money. Work smarter not harder.


Creating a Money journal

Creating a money journal is easy and fun. It's sure to get the creative juices flowing towards positively thinking about money. It puts you half way to your goal of manifesting more money.

Here are the items you will need for this project:

  • A composition notebook
  • A couple of magazines (preferably about money or making money or has lots of photos of money)
  • Mod Podge or any white glue
  • A paint brush
  • Scissors

You will be making a collage of positive affirmations about money to decorate the cover of your money journal. Use the magazines to clip some words/photos about money: wealth, passion, travel, success. Add some words that you would like to associate with money even if you do not currently associate them with money right now: peace, love, joy, opportunity. Avoid clipping words that we would normally associate with money such as invest and work. Because let's be honest, if we can find a way to earn money without doing much work, we would.

Money Ritual

Next you must perform a money ritual. Let's get focused and meditate and say a special prayer about money. Let's fill our first few pages with all the wonderful things about money.

OK go ahead and grab a dollar bill. Take it in your hands and imagine all the things you CAN buy with $1. With your eyes closed, imagine that bill multiplying. Imagine how much it has multiplied in an hour, in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, in five years. Wow! Think of how much money your $1 could be.

Look at the bill, stare at it, meditate on it. Smell it. How does it smell. Grab your favorite scent, spray it on your money, do you feel even better about your bill? Associate how you feel about the scent to how you feel about your money and just think, if you have more money you can buy even more things you love and do more of the awesome things you love to do.

Take some double sided tape and tape this bill to the top of the first page of your money journal. Now for your first journal writing exercise: "I love money because. . ."

Write out all the reasons why you love money. Not only include the things you can buy but also the places you could go, the things you could experience, the people and the causes you could help, the time you could free up. All the priceless moment you could begin enjoying.

This should be at least two pages in length.

Brain Storm

In the next few pages, write down all the things you are good at; all the things people have told you you would be great at and all the things that you think you could be great at. Write down all the ways you make money no matter how impossible or unrealistic they may sound.

Put on your best thinking cap and use your imagination. Write out a detail scenario of an ideal day of what you would be doing to earn money. Eg: Sitting on a beach in Costa Rica with a drink and my mobile table at my side surfing the internet while making $.02 per second. You can do the math on that.

Plan of Commitment and Consistency

The next two words are the key to manifesting more money. Those word are commitment and consistency. Develop a plan, commit to that plan and no matter what happens remain consistent in the steps to developing that plan.

If you decide you want to start a monetized blog. Commit to that blog and post to the blog consistently. If you find yourself faltering. . .look back at your introduction and remember all the wonderful things you plan to do.

Keep a log of all the things you are doing as well as a log of your progress. EG: Today I made $30 "doing task a". This week I made $1.40 "doing task b". Be encouraged! Every little bit brings you a step closer to your ultimate goal.

If you feel discouraged, write yourself a nice encouraging letter. "Dear Lisa, You are doing great. You have committed to your goal and you are doing wonderfully at remaining consistent. You've already made "$Insert process here" already. How awesome is that!"

Keep moving, keep going, keep planning. Remember all the wonderful things you can do with money.



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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      The money journal is not a bad idea at all. Looking back, I was a mature adult before I began to give money the respect that it was due. Figured I could live with or without it. I lived but did not have money to do a lot of "wonderful things." You're so on target with this article. Thanks!