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Mass Money Makers Scams

Updated on February 5, 2011

Make Money Real Reviews

I am sure you probably stumbled across this hub thinking that you would get the typical scam review.  You know the kind where the marketer ask the question "is such-and-such a scam?" and they, of course, proceed to tell you that they thought it was a scam...UNTIL.

Yes until they actually used the system.  They proceed to tell you that they never made so much money before this "magic" system or they tell you that they have made $429.52 per day.  (Notice how they all use the cents, too?) 

Then of course they go on to give praise about the system and at the end of the praise they give you an innocent link so you can get that same system too.

What they don't do is tell you exactly what the system is, does, cost or how it even really works.  They always tell you stuff that really makes no sense.  They tell you how much they claim to have made using the system.  (What they don't tell you is that in most cases they make all that money by selling gullible people like you a worthless piece of software.)

And if you know how to play the game, you can always get it cheaper than what they first advertise it for.

How to Work the "System"

How does this scam system work?  (Yes, it is a scam system.  A system that almost all these gurus use to separate you from your hard earned cash.)

Its simple really.  And you can, of course, do the same if you have no scruples or morals, without buying their system or "software".  You find yourself looking for information on how to make money online.  Maybe you use one of the many affiliate sites like Clickbank or Commission Junction or some other site.  Doesn't really matter.

You see a bunch of sites for you to look over due to your Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search.  If you look at the top of the page you will notice there are millions of pages that corrispond to your search.

You click on the first link and wham, you are facing a video, a blaring headline claiming how much money you can make and a bunch of copy that really doesn't tell you a darn thing.  You will also find all kinds of screen shots that "prove" how much this system is making and has made the author or hawker of the software.

You may even find yourself watching the video.  Yes I have watched a LOT of these videos.  At first it was because I was curious, like you, how to make good money online.  I even bought a couple of these worthless pieces of software but I will explain that in a big.

You find yourself that you just spent upwards of 20 even 30 minutes being fed a bunch of bunk.  At the end of the video you are told that you need to act quickly because this site will be taken down soon because they can't have too many people out there with this system or software.

The interesting thing is that if you venture back to that site 6 months later, you will see that it is still active and still trying to sell the same junk and still telling you that it will be taken down soon.  Don't fall for that.

You also see that there is a place for you to get on their "newsletter" list to inform you of great ways to make money online.  What happens is that you get an endless supply of offers to buy the same crap and what adds to the insult?  You see that other "marketers" send you emails touting the same crap.  Your email has just been sold to others.

Of course if you want to buy this stuff, here is how you get the lowest possible price.  They always say the current price is a great price and its cheap.  But all you have to do is attempt to click away from the site without leaving your email or buying and you will get a pop up that ask you to hit the cancel button so you can view another video with more screen shots of how much the scammer claims to make and low and behold - a discount offer.  Usually this offer is $10 bucks but I have seen it for as much as half the "original" offer price.

Some of these scam artists have stepped up their game.  You click the OK button instead of the cancel button thinking you will get away free and clear and bam, another pop up telling you that an even better offer is yours if you now hit the cancel button.  If you don't then you may get one last pop up with a very serious page behind it. 

That page is the actual order page with an even lower price in the appropriate boxes.  Just give them your credit card or PayPal account number and you are all set.

The fact is if they have a piece of software that actually worked like they say, would they really sell it for only $37 dollars?  Or would they have to bribe you with a $10 discount so you could get that software for only $27 bucks?  Yea that's what I thought.

The Real Truth

I am tired of people being scammed by these charlatans. Yes some of them are actually good. But the good ones charge far more than $37, $47, $67 or $97 dollars for their "secret" system. Look at Microsoft...doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, their software works and you know exactly what its going to do for you and it cost more than the above prices.

Sometimes you have to pay a thousand dollars or more to get in on this software system or you have to pay a monthly fee. I have seen one system that charges $199 per MONTH to use their system. That's right, $199 per MONTH! They even give you 30 or 60 days to check them out or they give you your money back.

Also a lot of times, if you just take some time to read articles and watch videos that are free online you will learn most if not all of the "secrets" they are trying to force down your throats. You can even find free software that will do most of what they want to charge you for.

For instance, why would you pay someone for software that researches key words when Google has all the tools you need to do just that for free?

The real truth is, if someone wants you to part with your money without telling you exactly how they do it then you should just ignore them and save your cash. The reason these hucksters don't tell you or show you their software is because they know that everything are selling you is available to you for free or you already have it loaded on your computer from the manufacturer. (Yea I have even seen a system where they sell you a word processing program that "integrates seamlessly with their system. HA!)

And if you think you can try it out and get your money back, even if you buy it via Clickbank, good luck. One system I purchased over a year ago still has not credited my account so I just gave up asking for it.

If you can't see what they are selling then leave it alone. If all they show you is how much their system makes them, then leave it alone. If they give you a price then offer a lower price when you try to close the page, then leave it alone.

Now you are probably asking what would I recommend. I am not selling a single thing here. Not even via Amazon. You can find out all the facts about systems or software that works by being careful and just looking online and watch free videos.

I can tell you there is a site that I often go to. It gives me a lot of ideas and information without costing me a dime. But understand John Chow also markets tons of stuff but he does give you great information and gives you great ideas on how to be profitable online. But he also makes sure you understand there are no shortcuts to making money. No "push a button once a day and make cash" or "20 minutes will make you 20 grand".

There are lots of real blogs by real marketers out there that give out information free of charge. Look for them, read them. Then be business smart. You will find that real software that really works will find its way to you but it will cost you a lot more than $37. But you will find that you make real money and you will do it honestly.

Stay away from the charlatan marketers.

One Last Thing; if you like this post, if you have questions, if you have something to add, why not put it in the comments below.  Also don't forget to check out my other post and why not follow me as well so you can get more direct contact info with me or be notified when I post something new you may find interesting.  And, of course, feel free to share this with those you care about.  Thanks for reading.


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  • Apostle Jack profile image

    Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

    Good shot.

  • Kwazzy profile image

    Kwazzy 7 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

    Agreed, I cant stand all these MAKE MONEY NOW scams... its annoying as hell.