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Maximum Money Withdrawal Limit from Allahabad Bank ATM Per Day

Updated on April 11, 2014

Allahabad Bank is one of the main nationalized banks in India. Being an account holder of Allahabad Bank, it is important to know its ATM usages. This can help you stay free from any instant financial problem. When you are aware of the exact amount that you can withdraw from the ATM, you can make appropriate financial plans. Even in emergency situations, you can get the required cash. Awareness about the amount that you can withdraw can help you solve financial issues and lead to better financial planning. Allahabad Bank’s private ATM Network has 691 ATMs throughout India. So, you have many to get hard cash instantly during normal or emergencies situations.

Whether you have Visa, Maestro or MasterCard Debit Card, you can withdraw money from ATM or consider offline/online shopping. Different types of debit cards don’t matter for withdrawal. But the transaction amount may differ. Make sure to check out the mentioned instructions on ATMs and read them carefully. Right information is useful enough to make your financially independent.

Types of Debit Cards Accepted in Allahabad Bank ATMs:

  • All types of Allahabad Bank Debit and Credit Cards.
  • Cash cards authorized to withdraw money from ATMs
  • All Credit/ Debit Cards showing Maestro and Visa

Daily Allahabad Bank Debit Card Withdrawal Limit from ATM:

  • ATM maximum cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 25000/- per day from Allahabad Bank Debit Card.
  • Shopping limit is Rs. 25000 per day.
  • Fund Transfer from 1 account to other account linked to the card is up to Rs. 15000 per day.

Allahabad Bank International Debit-Cum-ATM Card:

This card provides financial freedom to buy a number of products and withdraw cash from ATM. With this card, you do not need to worry about carrying a lot of cash in your pocket or worry about overspending using the credit card. As per your wish, you can withdraw money or withdraw cash and enjoy your time.

Allahabad Bank regularly comes up with rewards and benefits on its debit cards. The discount can be used to buy new things or you can also collect some points to avail useful benefits. With additional features, you can get more financial freedom and enjoy your purchases. It is also important to be aware of the latest offers and deals offered by the bank. Regular emails, messages on phone and information through others mediums are also sent by the bank to aware its customers about the latest offers. Also, keep an eye on the official website of Allahabad Bank.


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