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Men's Watches on eBay

Updated on April 29, 2012

Men Should Have Watches

Everyone wants to know what time it is, but not enough of us shop online at eBay for fantastic deals on men's watches. Think about all the men in your life who sorely lack wrist-mounted timekeeping equipment: you can remedy their problems with your credit card and a little online bidding. Don't go to Sears or K-Mart. Stay home in your pajamas and shop with your computer.

Bid on the most stylish styles guaranteed to keep your men happy. No male wants to be seen in public without at least one wristwatch adorning our collective muscular forearms.

Men play sports

When they are not supporting their families or starting wars, men often play sports. All too many sports require all too many men to stay abreast of the current time. Timex manufactures excellent examples of sports watches. Such products exhibit waterproof qualities and often glow in the dark as well because many sports take place in total darkness.

Look for watches that provide time, date, heart rate, altitude, and barometric pressure measurements. A molded plastic band secures the watch to the wrist throughout athletic endeavors but still looks impressive while standing in line at Chipotle. Sports never stop: your watch should offer a similar courtesy.

Men need an expensive watch

A normal man can be made unnormal via the application of a truly expensive watch. An otherwise average guy strolling into the corporate boardroom of a Fortune 500 company becomes extremely above average when the fluorescent lighting glints off an authentic Rolex into the eyes of the corporate Vice Presidents lining the mahogany table. It could happen.

Do not skimp on your purchase. Shop wisely, but shop until you actually bid on something. EBay auctions expire quickly: a watch of your dreams may be poised to end up in the hands of a less deserving male. You may not be able to forgive yourself.

Fancy privileged people look at your watch. They form judgements based on the brand. A Rolex always impresses. A extremely expensive timepiece tells them you're serious about mortgaging your future for the sake of peer pressure. Strive to fit in.

Men are geeks

Nerdy men fervently agree that a timekeeping contrivance should confuse and annoy. A veritable plethora of men's geeky watches can be easily bidded upon. Thankfully, bidding is relatively anonymous. Sane people with credit cards can purchase unintelligible digital devices for men while remaining hidden in the spare bedroom.

All men love Star Trek and all women have no clue as to the attraction. Look to eBay for nerd watches festooned with dials, switches, digital readouts, and tiny secret compartments for tiny science fiction movie memorabilia. Live long and prosper and always know the correct time.

Men want to be in the Swiss Army

Enlisting in the Swiss Army to defend chocolate and cuckoo clocks represents a dream of all men. The most nerdy computer scientist or the high-powered political campaign speech writer secretly longs to swoosh down snowy Alpine slopes equipped with an Official Swiss Army watch. Those guys really know what time it is.

Don't allow the man in your life to leave the house without one or three of these watches. You can't enroll them in the Swiss Army, but you can make them feel just as important. Combine this with a Swiss Army knife and a Swiss Army iPod for the ultimate corporate ladder success kit.

Your man, or you, if you are a man, need a watch.
Your man, or you, if you are a man, need a watch. | Source

Men prefer quartz

No self-respecting watch leaves the watch factory without a modicum of strategically engineered quartz. Quartz represents the epitome of watch technology. Do not, under any circumstances, bid on any watch not containing quartz. Watch evolution hinged on this amazing mineral that is second only to feldspar in abundance, but there is probably no feldspar watch.

The quartz provides extremely crucial functionality to the watch. Proper qualities and quantities of quartz make the watch do something necessary to that which watches do. Don't skimp on the quartz: your man will be able to tell.


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    • nicomp profile imageAUTHOR

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @The Frog Prince : The Rolex, undoubtedly.

      @drbj : Still the Rolex

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      Your vivid and memorable descriptions of these watches, nicomp, make it impossible for me to make a selection. Just tell me your personal favorite.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      7 years ago from Arlington, TX

      What do they have for a man who doesn't wear jewelry?

      The Frog


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