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Middle Age is the Golden Years

Updated on November 20, 2018
Author Cheryl profile image

Cheryl has been writing online for over six years. She has published nine books and written in many genres. Writing is her passion.

The Puberty of Middle Age

We need to have The Talk, but for 45-year-olds. Doctors should speak to their patients about the changes that could lie ahead and how to prepare for them.

For women, the menopausal age can be a living hell. The hot flashes, dry skin, dark circles, laughing and peeing and all the things that go with growing middle aged as a woman. We need to talk about it a lot so that others can understand.

Middle age for men may come with balding, ED, prostate trouble and the thought that they think they are 25 again. Yes this really happens.

Besides all this jazz, we still have to live as happily as our changing bodies will let us. Come on now by now we have spare tires that consume our entire nation. We wear socks to bed because our feet are always cold. We have two fans on because we need the noise and the air blowing on us and with me both feet uncovered. It is just hysterical.

So your doctor might also say, “You will most likely find that you no longer sweat the small stuff (except at night, when you will sweat uncontrollably), that you care less about the approval of others and feel less attached to an iteration of your life that you haven’t achieved. And invisibility is a superpower that can be used to your advantage.”

If your doctor won’t go there, you can take it from me. (Lisa Davis)

Counting Down the Days Until No More Alarm Clocks

The Count Down Begins

Everyone has their wishes of what they want to do after they retire in their golden years. A lot of people spend their life saving money so they can travel after retirement but end up being too sick to do any of it.

Modern Medicine has allowed us to live longer and 60's and 70's are not such golden years anymore.

The golden years now refers to middle age while you are still young enough to see the world and should take the opportunity to travel. A lot of people's golden years are not so golden when they wait for retirement. People retire and have strokes, cancer, hip and knee replacements, surgery for this and that and can do nothing they spent their life planning..

Things to do during retirement

Senior Citizens Discount

Many places recognize senior citizens discounts starting at 55 years old. I am 55 years old and don't feel I should be counted as a senior citizen. Although some people will benefit from the benefits, these places will give you a discount starting at age 55.

Albertsons 10% off on the first Wednesday of the month 55+

Arby's 10%, or discounted drink 55+

Bealls 20% off every Tuesday 50+

Best Western 10% 55+

Chili's 10% 55+

Denny's Special menu 55+

Dunkin' Donuts Varies 55+

Fuddruckers 10% 55+

IHOP Special menu 55+

Jack in the Box Up to 20%, but discounts vary by location 55+

Jiffy Lube Service Center Varies 55+

KFC Varies 55+

Long John Silver's* Varies 55+

Luby's* Varies 55+

Pep Boys 10% 55+

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 10% 55+

Ross Dress for Less 10% off every Tuesday 55+

Roto-Rooter* 10% 55+

Salvation Army Thrift Stores Varies 55+

Sprint $35 per line, per month plan 55+

TCBY 10% 55+

T-Mobile $70 Unlimited 55+ Plan 55+

Walgreens 20% off on the first Tuesday of every month 55+

Wendy's* Varies 55+

Of course there are many more for those 60 and older but those of us who are middle age can reap the benefits of these discounts and I do frequently shop at most of them.

You are Never Too Old To Shop


Is Middle Age Unbecoming to Some

As we age we start to see laugh lines and hopefully plenty, fine lines around the eyes and Grey hair. It's just what we have always wanted. We wanted to grow up when we were young children and be doctors, nurses or lawyers. At least in my neighborhood. We wanted high paying jobs so that we could retire with wealth. I can assure you doctors these days are sometimes working until they are 70 and I went to one doctor who was still practicing medicine at a ripe young age of 78. He was quite an interesting fella.

Middle age is not always kind to some. Balding men at middle age and white beards. Women who acquire a pair shape with a donut around the front of them. We all can't be beautiful forever.

So what do you consider middle age?

For me middle age refers to the middle portion of adulthood, not an entire life… so, if you think of contemporary adulthood as lasting from the age of 20 through 80, middle age would be from about 40 to 60. But since middle age is a very “loose” notion, it’s generally considered as the ages 45–65.

Living in Your Prime

I Am in The Middle of My Age

Yes boys and girls if you live long enough to reach 45 to 60 you will then be middle age. Does that mean that millennials will be called middle millennials?

I am not 55 and I am so ready for retirement. I have worked since I was 18 years old and I have never been without a job. So I am hoping my retirement I can spend sleeping past 4 am and not have to face anyone in the morning except my husband.

I want to live in my pajamas and have someone bring me coffee in bed. I also want a million dollars but that is just a dream lol. I hope as we age gracefully we get to share our experiences with young people and help them become adults that are up standing citizens.

If anything enjoy your life. Do what you want to do and not what someone else wants you to do. Love yourself and love others and somewhere in the middle we can meet.


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