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Minnesota Musing: 3D Printed Houses - Zero Energy Housing

Updated on January 8, 2017

Printer Ink

There are so many questions in my mind about 3D printed houses. The first question is whether a printed house would hold up in a Minnesota climate. We have periods of extreme hot to periods of extreme cold. We have dry days and we have humid days.

Realistically, houses built of trees hold up. Houses built of bricks, hold up. So, why couldn't a house built of.. wait, what does a 3D printer build with? Plastic? Fibers?

Guess I need some more information. Let's Google it.

The Google Answer

Remember how I said I needed to google what 3D printers are using to print a house. I did not know, until this very moment, that printers can print with concrete ink.

Can you imagine that? I find that to be fascinating!

It's the same technology that wasps have been using for centuries.

Bird Houses

I would find printing a bird house to be a little more in my practicality and price range, I'm assuming.

Design it. Print it. What a novelty idea!


Interested in Selling 3D Printers?

I was interested to find that you can become a salesman for a company that makes the printers. If you are willing to go door to door to sell them, what an opportunity.

Can you picture the situation: go to school for real estate. Get your realtors license. Buy property. Print houses. Sell a printer with the house. They are going to need to maintain the property, correct? I was just at a webpage where you can apply to market 3D printers. There is a job waiting for some enterprising individual.

Or. A career in remodeling printed house. Print the interior. Cabinets? Table and chairs? What else could you print?

Pool tables? Ping pong tables? Could you print things like fireplaces? Doors?

I suppose you'd still have to attach them with hinges. But, perhaps you can print the hinges?


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 15 months ago from Oklahoma

      Fascinating technology.