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Minnesota Musing: Finding Elusive Grocery Items Without Massive Postage

Updated on May 9, 2017

Ray's Steak House

The brand by itself is a commonly stocked item in my grocery shelves. The Asian Sesame flavor is elusive.

My hubby and I tried our local grocery stores. No luck. We went out of town. Again, no luck. We tried online. So far, it's been a disappointing endeavor. So, now, I need to group some items and buy a bunch of stuck, namely $35 worth of stuff, to save the $10 shipping that the store is planning on receiving.


The Phone

I tried calling my local Walmart. Nope. Local HyVee. Nope. Local Target. No person answered the phone. Call dropped.

My daughter and I drove to Target and looked for ourselves. No luck. She googled it. We saw some on Amazon.

Now, the hubby says to just go for it. Get three bottles of it when I finally locate some. If I shop on Amazon, I should be able to combine an order and get free shipping, like if I order other items, like Grumpier Old Men, the movie, or something else with it.

So, Online I Go

I'm here, already, why not. I just may find a good deal. Wish me luck!

I Googled Kens Steakhouse Asian Sesame Dressing

There is Proof

See the small print? It says it's available in store at Target, but it doesn't say which Target. I suppose it will turn out to be one 5 states away from where I live. Not very convenient for me.

Available on Amazon

I notice that it is available on Amazon. But, now I am inspired to buy a case of the stuff from somewhere and sell it on Amazon.

Do people really buy it from Amazon at that price? Have you? Should I?


To make a long story short, I used some 'check our store inventory' tool and discovered that the tiny print that said available at store, was in the Target in Owatonna. I had gone to the Target in Mankato, but there wasn't any of my flavor.

Owatonna claimed they had it, so I jumped in the car and drove 35 miles round trip to get 3 bottles. Yes. They had 5 bottles on their shelf. Yippee!!!

All in All

I found the flavor that my hubby was requesting. Thank goodness! The price was $2.59 each, and I had a couple coupons, so I ended up spending $5.10 on 3 bottles. About 2 gallons of gas in the car.

Oh, well. What do you do. I didn't have to spend $10 for shipping and I got it within 2 hours.


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 12 months ago from Norfolk, England

      It's good that you managed to find this eventually. And with the bonus of the coupons you got a good deal too.