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Minnesota Musing: Goals - What Are They and How Do We Get to Them

Updated on December 17, 2016


First. What is a goal?

If you are talking about sports, many people know what a goal is. It's the large object at the end of the field that the team works together to move the ball to. Once you reach it, you are rewarded with some points. You have the opportunity to increase your points for a brief moment.

Some reach the extra points, some fail. It is important to note that even though you have missed the extra points, you have still succeeded in achieving your initial goal.

Perseverence is Key

When you determine what your goal actually is, you will suffer through many events. Each loss should make you just that more determined to reach the goal in mind.

Do not set lofty goals. Set a reasonable goal that is within your capabilities. When you reach that goal, then set your next goal as a level that is a notch above your current accomplishment.

There is always room for improvement. Let the improvement be your new goal.

Goal Setting

You start with no accomplishment. Any effort becomes your beginning. All improvements become the beginning of a new goal. A goal is reached when you exceed previous effort.

All goals mean success.

The most effort is your latest accomplishment. When you exceed your previous goal, you are said to have set a new record.

Then. You celebrate. It's a reason to party.

Best of luck to you reaching your goals!


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