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Updated on October 6, 2015

Save Your Money

Save Your Money
Save Your Money | Source

What Is

I began using a few years ago. It is a great banking website and app for the iPhone. It really makes budgeting much easier. gathers information from all of your financial sites and puts it in one location. I can get on my app on my iPhone and see a snapshott of all of my accounts balances.

You can have loan, checking, savings, 401K, retirement, college savings, credit cards and any other financial information on this site.

You can also add the value or buying price of your cars and home to check the balance of the loans against the purchase price.

Antique Cash Register

Antique Cash Register
Antique Cash Register | Source

About The Website

The website and app are free and secure. You can make monthly budgets and will alert you by email if you are reaching your budget in any area (food, housing, clothes, etc.).

It is a great tool to keep you on track. If they see that you are paying a high interest rate on your credit cards, they will suggest a specific card with a lower interest rate and better features. alerts you when a transaction occurs. It's a great way to make sure there isn't anything going out that shouldn't be.

The site is constantly updating its information to give you your financial snapshot at that moment. With over 8 million happy customers, it has proven itself as a leader in personal finanacial management!

Lots Of Cash

Lots Of Cash
Lots Of Cash | Source

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    • MobyWho profile image

      MobyWho 5 years ago from Burlington VT

      I miss Quicken, but didn't like the Mac version. I could put the Windows version on my Mac by partitioning the hard drive and devoting a % to Windows...but it got complicated when I found I had to get something called Fusion to make it work smoothly. was OK, but not a bookkeeping program like I wanted. I've tried iBank, but am not thrilled with that. I think I'll give in, have the bad motherboard replaced on my old Compaq so I can use Quicken and just keep it for that purpose. The Windows spreadsheet is much handier to use than Mac's iWorks too. But you were talking about - so sorry to get derailed.