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Money Skills During Marriage

Updated on September 20, 2009

Is This A Short Term Or Long Term Goal

Not Your Normal Ford Mustang Serious Long Term Goal
Not Your Normal Ford Mustang Serious Long Term Goal
Try To Make This A Short Term Goal
Try To Make This A Short Term Goal


Money Could Be Falling Out Of Your Pockets
Money Could Be Falling Out Of Your Pockets

Building Wealth Together

Building your wealth up as a couple can be difficult.  But if you are working on it, it can pay off.  Talk money, save money, have your money work for you. Discuss Money

Building wealth together with your partner is important because you both need to handle money in your relationship.  The keys to handling your money together is to come up with a plan that you both agree upon.

You and your partner need to discuss both your short term and long term financial goals.  He may want to be buy that new Italian designed Mustang, she may want to save for that family vacation to Italy.  Be on the same page!

Both of you should be able to pay bills, manage accounts, and talk to financial advisers.  Don't be afraid to make plans about your future with an expert.  We here on Hubpages can give you all the advice in the world, but please talk to a certified expert in person.

If it helps, dividing the money management task could simply your life.  Putting the trust in your significant other to handle some of the bills while you handle the rest can build a stronger bond together.

Establish a budget based on your current spending habits and your future financial goals.  Decide if you will live for today, or live for tomorrow, or a little bit of both.  Don't be afraid to use that "B" word!  Budget!

Know your partners risk tolerance for investing. Be able to make the decision if need be on the spot if something comes up and a decision needs to be made.  Collaborate on what each other likes and dislikes about investing, and you both can make smarter decisions when the other is not around.

Know everything about your partners financial history.  Not always good to go and apply for a mortgage only to find out one of you has a bankruptcy, or a old collection account that you forgot about.

And the last pointer I will give is Pillow Talk time.   If you have read a couple of my other post you will know what Pillow Talk time is....

Pillow Talk is that time of the day or night where you discuss everything..... laying down with your partner......  Make time for Pillow Talk


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