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Money Doesn't Grow on Trees But Apples Do

Updated on August 16, 2011

Growing up as children, I think we all heard the phrase "Money doesn't grow on trees" from our parents. Many times I thought my parents were only on this planet to give me money or buy me things.

When I started making my own money, I began to develop my own view of what that statement meant. I noticed that money didn't just appear in my account or wallet; and that I had be proactive, work for it, and manage it wisely.

Later on, I noticed that everyone had their own style, method and ideology of how money should be handled. Some of it was good, and some of it not so much, but one thing in particular I started to notice.


Money and trees have similarities, and if both are watered and taken care of, they will offer many benefits. So I started viewing money as an apple, or rather, an apple seed.

It doesn't produce anything until you plant it, water it, and nurture it. And only then will you be able to share the fruit, and bring enjoyment to others.

Money can not be replaced without hard work, and proper management. Same goes for an apple tree, it takes years and years to fully mature and produce good fruit.

No matter what anyone else says, you won't get rich overnight. You might get lucky from time to time, but in the end, money is a source that needs constant refilling. Patience, common sense (cents!) and endurance is what builds wealth, and a strong foundation.

Trees need the right kind of soil, sunlight and water to reach their full potential. The same can be said about money. You need the proper tools and investment vehicle to see the true value shine through.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but apples do. And if I treat my money like a seed, with care and determination, I will watch it produce a massive harvest for years to come. How do you view your money?


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    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 6 years ago from Mexico

      Interesting analogy, now the question remains how to cultivate and nurture money so that it starts giving fruits and we get a nice harvest, I am trying to figure that out.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 6 years ago from Northern California

      Learning to manage money does make life much more secure. I needed a reminder. thanks.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      GREAT hub!!! I actually wrote one about a money tree :) Voted UP/AWESOME!!

    • applecsmith profile image

      Carrie Smith 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Winflow FG - I agree, and thank you for your comment.

      Robin71 - Your niece sounds like a very intelligent girl, and yes she is partially correct!

    • profile image

      Robin71 6 years ago

      I have made that statment myself many times. My niece (who's to smart for her own good sometimes)says to me, "yes it does". "Ah, no it doesn't" I say, so sure of myself. "Yes it does", "how do you figure that?" I say positive she's wrong. "What's paper made out of?" she says, "Trees", I answer. "And what is money printed on?", wow, in a way-I realize-she's right. Money is printed on PAPER and PAPER comes from-TREES, so in a round about way money does grow on trees. So I didn't win that arrguement, but I do agree with your article & I liked it.

    • Winflow FG profile image

      Winflow FG 6 years ago from Toronto

      Good article. Unfortunatly some people don't work for their money and still get by. I try ignore these other people and have a similar method in that money is like a seed and will grow.

    • applecsmith profile image

      Carrie Smith 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Phil - I agree money can be a (good) means to an end.

      Dave - Yes, money can be a never ending battle, round and round.

      cardelean - I wish my parents taught me more about money, but I am thankful I took classes and went to school for it. I'm constantly trying to simplify and organize my finances.

      Thanks for the comments

    • cardelean profile image

      cardelean 6 years ago from Michigan

      Great analogy. I am trying to raise my children to have a better understanding of how money can work for you rather than the opposite. In the same respect though, I am also trying to simplify my life and sometimes that doesn't fit well with concepts of money.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      I see money as a necessary evil. The more you earn, the more life sucks out of you to get more, but we can't live without it.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      This is a great simile. I haven't really given any thought to how I view money, mostly it is a means to an end. Voted-up and awesome.