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Money management debt reduction the How To quick Guide

Updated on December 18, 2016

Money management debt reduction intro

If you are one of the people screaming Help Me Pay My Debt then this article is for you

The money management debt reduction arena has recently exploded with all sorts of companies popping up seemingly everywhere. As with just about everything, these companies come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

The idea behind what I am trying to show you here is just a quick guide as to choosing a good money management, debt reduction company, a quick Guide For Credit Repair and some money saving ideas. I have listed my top tips below, but first... My rant.

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Now I know it's just advertising but... I even have companies spamming me with stuff like the following. An extract of one of the emails.

QUOTE. Did you know many companies within your vertical are currently advertising under the term (xyz term) and it's costing them about ($9.77) per click? Why not capitalize on the keyword match and drive organic traffic to your site?


The How To quick Guide For Credit Repair with Great Tips For Repairing Your Credit Rating

Number 1.

As with anything I buy I and specially of a money management, debt reduction company I always ask how much and what do I get. Some other questions I ask are. Can I get it cheaper if I... Have more, buy in bulk, pay in advance, does a penalty apply if I want to withdraw from the contract or pay more or pay more often, than stipulated in the contract.

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Number 2.

Is there any kind of warranty, return or refund policy. Some companies have ridiculous policies such as. Only giving a 7 day warranty. Or high re-stocking fees up to 30-40 percent. I ended up paying a $45 re-stocking fee on a $135 item for a video card due to something the which the sales person misled us on. I have been caught only a few times. How about you?

████████ ████████

Number 3.

Ask the company will you personally be handling my money management debt reduction affairs or will it be outsourced. Because you want to form a good trust and bond with the company who is doing the work. Because the trust you build will give them more confidence and will pass on to the people they deal with on your behalf.

████████ ████████

Number 4.

Another good tip is to ask the money management debt reduction company is will you keep me properly updated on what is going on with my accounts. Because when, not if the bank - credit provider rings up you will look stupid and look like your trying to avoid them, if you don't know. AND we probably all know by now the way they treat you (like dirt) or they try and suck up to you.


As with anything you buy you want to make sure you get hold of great value for money. Now I have not personally reviewed each of these companies, but I can give you a few pointers to look for.

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No $ Tears

Living with bad credit?

Living with bad credit is achievable but it can be a nuisance. Higher interest rates can be charged on any loan you can get and home loans are pretty much out of the question without you fronting up with a large deposit.

When you have bad credit, or no credit, you may be a little confused as to how to go about and remedy the situation. With so much information available you may not know how to narrow your choices down to make them relevent to your situation. Fortunately you will find some of the top tips compiled in this article. Credit repair can however be achieved and here are some handy hints as to how to begin.

████████ ████████

Frugal girl $ saving tips

MONEY saving handy hints and tips

1. Start collecting ideas to set a better credit plan in motion. Then as you figure them out put them into action.

2. Order a free copy your credit reports from all agencies. (Under the law of the Freedom of information act) in Australia you can get this information.

3. Read the credit report thoroughly and understand what is there. Then carefully reveiw all the information on your credit reports. Use a free financial advisor from your bank or another bank if need be

3. Try to decide what items you believe can be repaired and which debts to tackle first. Again the banks financial advisor can hmore than likely help you. Remember they advised the bank of your credit worthiness in the first place and can advise you.

4. Get help and learn how to dispute credit information. Your banks financial advisor can more than likely help you or your local citizens advice bureau.

5. Dispute information that is incorrect on your reports. Once you have first gathered proof. I recently did this to a two letter company that sounds like a backwards egg. Speaking of egg the egg on the face of the company was it's own reward.

6. Get overdue accounts up to date and close ALL accounts and credit lines. You do not want to use credit to try fixing a credit problem.

7. Face up to collection accounts. Remember you did want that new camera, pretty car, those fancy clothes or whatever else you charged up.

8. Set easy to follow credit goals and try to stick to them. If you try to set to rigid a credit goal you will only set yourself up to fail.

████████ ████████ ████████ ████████

Getting on top of bad credit

Getting on top of bad credit and watching credit scores rise once more can be a very satisfying achievement. While it will not be achieved overnight, a little time and attention to this subject will lead to wonderful results in the long run.

Though repairing your credit can be a complicated process, try not get discouraged or disheartened as you passing over those rough patches in your steps to fix your ratings. If you use just some of the tips you learned here, and you are well on the way toward a brighter future and greatly improved success with credit.

████████ ████████ ████████ ████████

Finally my TOP money saving tips for helping you get back on track.

If your like me for the past twenty years or so or have had the luxury to decide to live cheaper (more frugal). You may intially cop a few jibes or feel insulted. BUT you just need to remember in twelve months or so up on a high being able to spend some of your saved cash. Specially if you follow through with these tips.

████████ ████████

Cash Box

Grab a cash box & use it
Grab a cash box & use it | Source

More mONEY saving handy hints and tips

1.Eating Out - Having dinner out once a month or less with friends instead of every night or even every Friday night is fine if you want to save more. But at the end of the month this can add up to being very expensive if you add them all up.

2.Clothing - I am naturally a spendthrift. I don't go in for designer or signature clothes. I have even lately gone to the op shops to get clothes, which I expect due to being name brands will last longer. Instead of following the trends, I stick to clothes matching my other clothes. Following these simple tips will help keep a bit more of your pay. I usually wear one or a couple of sets of chlothes for a week then wash them.

3.Buying School or work Supplies - You can get many of these supplies at the cheap $1 shops or throughout the year when they are cheap. I still have work school supplies at home from 2008 nothing fancy but I have them when I need them.

4.Shopping for Groceries - Since 1986 if possible I do not buy name brand items. Unless of course I am on a splurge. I always unless urgency requires home brands or the name brand is cheaper. I also look on the end on aisles the higher or lower shelves for a better price or in the seconds, returns overstocks, or sales bins.

5.Be Aware of and wise with your Financial Limitations be content with what you have always trying to live within your means. For a great time plan visits monthly to friends, fetes, parties, picnics, go to your local park or mall for window shopping

████████ ████████ ████████ ████████

Money management debt reduction $ummed up

With all that said and done I wish everyone good luck and have a great time. Just remember thpugh that you get what you pay for. AND if at the end of the day you paid a little more but got a good experience it makes all those little headaches along the way worth it.

I know this is not the ultimate guide to money management, debt reduction. But I hope this article clears up, at least some of your questions, with regards to the money management debt reduction arena.

With all that being said the amount of people wanting Instant Approval For Credit Cards should drop dramatically.


You can find out more useful information on money management, debt reduction at Debt Reduction Australia


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