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Is Money, the Ultimate Gift? A Movie Review

Updated on June 9, 2012

The Ultimate Gift

Do You Control Your Money, Or Does It Control You

The Key to Happiness

I used to wonder is money the key to happiness? Or is it something we own, or something that owns us? Would winning the lottery bring peace and joy or heartache and trouble? Time has shown me, as I have aged, that money can bring happiness, but also sorrow, it can bring peace and joy and also heartache and troubles. Money is something we own, but also owns us.

We feel trapped into a lifestyle that needs to be supported, almost always by money. In these troubling economic times, many have to cut back on their lifestyles and even some necessary things just to get by. Many are fighting depression, some even have to turn to crime, but a few seem to be finding joy. How is that possible?

Simply stated money is a gift. The Ultimate Gift, a wonderful movie and book, describes it better then any other place I have been able to discover. The Ultimate Gift movie is a heart warming movie of priorities. The movie opens with death, as many do, but this is the death of a wealthy, honorable man whom his family cannot stand. The only thing they are interested in is the way the fortunes will be divided and ensuring they receive their “fair share”. Only one person, Jason, doesn’t really seem to care, not that his grandfather is now dead, or what has possibly been left to him.

After each of the others are dismissed with their inheritance the remaining heir is Jason, whom is informed that he has a series of gifts, which are all dependent upon his completion of certain tasks. These tasks, which I do not want to give away, help mold Jason into a man of integrity, honor, and vision. They are designed to make him a stronger person, someone who is willing and able to follow in his grandfather’s shoes. The ultimate gift is not the money he receives during the movie, but the changes within himself, becoming a better person and one of moral integrity and understanding. If anything the gift is one of wisdom.

This movie makes me sit back and think each time I watch it, it makes me wonder where is my life headed, am I on the right track? Yes money is important but only if we are in control of it, not letting it become our master.

We have a responsibility to our families, our communities, yes even to ourselves to become money’s master, to learn to use it wisely, both in our personal finances, but in our business transactions, and even in our government transactions. Our mastering of money must be done with integrity, clear thoughts, and control. Money is a gift to use, but we must not become dependant upon it, it must not become our priority, our focus.

They say the root of all evil begins with money, but I disagree. It is only evil if used without thought of others, only for personal gain. Each dollar you earn supports the economy of not only our country but the world. Earn honestly, spend wisely.

Money builds the hospitals, churches, schools, highways and libraries of the world. It is very important to our life, and our lifestyle. It feeds the hungry, helps to heal the sick. Yes money is highly important and very necessary to successful living.

Although as the movie points out, there are many other more important factors that we must think upon, the gift of family, the gift of friends, the gift of laughter, the gift of the day, and so on and so fourth. There are more important things then money. Money is only a tool to build your legacy, not the end result. You can have money without happiness. If you consider it a gift, and acknowledge the other gifts in your life, you might just be surprised to find joy where you never experienced it before.


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