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Mortgage Servicing Fraud Against Homeowners

Updated on January 20, 2013

Roy and Donna Blizzard


Mortgage Servicing Fraud

We are Roy and Donna Blizzard and we are fed up with our Mortgage Servicer, Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) fka Fairbanks Capital. They were the 1st servicer sued by the FTC for MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD.

We had Contimortgage Co. which went bankrupt in 2000. SPS settled with the FTC for millions with no jail time to co. executives. SPS signed an agreement with the FTC to refrain from certain predatory activities! Well, they are back doing it again violating, "The Best Practices Act", along with all the rest of the crooked loan servicers. Many Conti loan papers were ordered destroyed by bankruptcy court! That means that the servicer that took over is JUST A DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY! Many Conti loans may be non existent! The current administration has rewarded servicers by sending them MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to modify loans. They get paid regardless if they are modified or not. Hmmmm...commit grand larceny and get paid!

Only 4 % of all loans are modified (that is because they can only find 4% of the notes) and of those 4% many default because the servicers write them to fail. They make more money to foreclose! Worse yet, they have no right to modify your loan as they are not your lender! Most of the time the original loan note is lost & the true owner unknown! The true "owner" maybe a pool of investors from anywhere in the world! In many cases, your loan note was already paid off in the pool of loans and the servicer is pocketing your payments.

We have recently discovered a weak link to the servicers and that is in the Forced Placed Insurance Fraud being committed. We have forced them to refund us and we can show you how to beat them at their own game.

Now there is a new scam being perpetrated and that is that the Blue Ink Original loan note is being denied being given at the payoff of your loan note and instead they are offering you a lien release. This is illegal in and of itself, but since they are refusing to produce the original documents, the banks are most likely re-securitizing the note that was just paid off as if it was an original hoping that the investors and you don't know about their latest scam. This puts your home back at risk of someone else arriving at your doorstep with the original blue ink loan note and claiming your paid off home as their own. This has already happened.

WE have identified over 20 areas of fraud and illegal activity with the Mortgage Servicing industry and the politicians are ignoring it. We are trying to garner as many stories as we can from the public to publicize the fraud these Servicers are committing and billing the taxpayers. We need to unite and fight back. We post links and information to assist you in fighting back. Everything stated herein is our opinion only, so please, do your own research to verify facts and information shared here.

If you are having trouble, please contact a Real Estate Attorney or go to Attorney Neil Garfield's Living Lies Blog and search his list of "Attorney's WHO GET IT"! Please, look up having a forensic loan audit done and a securitization search. Search County land records for a break in the chain of title thru the Assignment of your deed of trust/mortgage. We are not "professionals", but average homeowners who have been unfairly targeted because we have a large amount of equity to steal and have educated ourselves to the point that now Lawyers are asking us to help them! Our desire is to help others learn what the banks are doing and help you learn to fight back! Education is the first step in fighting the fraud! Know your rights! Who owns your loan note?!

Our WEB site is Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud on Facebook,!/home.php?sk=group_126549077390069&ap=1 Please also visit: MSFRAUD.ORG to educate yourselves on mortgage fraud. The site is owned by our friend, Mr. Jack Wright, and his site is also dedicated to fighting MS fraud! You will find a list there of fraud pretender lenders! God bless!

As an update you may find this interview with the former secretary of HUD very alarming and a confirmation of everything that I had previously explained in this article.

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    • profile image

      Nonie 3 years ago

      So excited I found this article as it made things much quricek!

    • royblizzard profile image

      royblizzard 5 years ago from Austin / Leander, Texas

      Me you can always email me your phone number or write me at

    • profile image

      ME 5 years ago

      I am not on Face book I use to be went off so I could spend my time

      in research of this FRAUD .. I am in Texas would like to share with you .. royblizzard . rrock .. and the Texas AG.. cannot do anything.. for the home owner.. as I have been sending them info as I find it.. the AG have settled and received a lot of money in the robo signing.. but guess what .. little to none will go to help others that are victiums of this crime.. also I have Robo signing on my deed ..

    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      amazing! So creative :)

    • junomich profile image

      junomich 6 years ago

      Thank you Roy and Donna: I tried looking for your page, and would like to join. What I learned from those crooks, is that they do not know what the right hand is doing from the left hand. Same with American Servcing Company.Feel free to email, and I can see if I can find it (no promises). I'm glad that you are starting to spread the word about sub-servicer, because there is a distinct legal difference there (at least in my mind). It's a long story, but the people the SPS are clueless, and some of them actually believe what they are doing is correct.But of course it is not. No! They are underminding our only real assest that an average American has. Our homes!

    • royblizzard profile image

      royblizzard 6 years ago from Austin / Leander, Texas

      Hi Junomich, Thanks for your comment. While we were aware they were or are a subservicer, we were not aware of the laws as regards them. We know they are basically toothless since all they do is forge all their documents and lie through their teeth. We've compiled quite a dossier on them and will probably sue them soon. The Texas AG's office has been investigating them as well and my wife and I also have several other things pending. As with at least about 95% of all loans out there that were securitized, we haven't been able to locate our loan info. We know it has already been paid off, but by whom and when and where are our loan docs? We get many conflicting answers from SPS. This is a real shame that Americans have to play this game, but we are helping to change it. Go visit our website on facebook, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud. We have a very good group there all helping each other to fight these crooks. Roy and Donna

    • junomich profile image

      junomich 6 years ago

      Hi and thank you for sharing, but you are making the same mistake as the attorneys and others are. SPS is NOT a servicer, but rather a sub-servicer. Go to the SEC and look at the prospectus of the Trust that they say your loan is in. There are usually three catagories, Master Servicer, Servicer and Sub-Servicer. This is important because SPS has created Powers of Attorney's alleging that XYZ Bank as Trustee has given them Power of Attorney. It's not true, cause under the SEC if filed at all they would be the Sub-Servicer. The Sub-Servicer usually does not have any rights, as the Seriver would. All you really need to do is find the loan level data for the Securities Administrator, and see if your loan is acutally there. If it is not.......well then, if it did it get there?

    • royblizzard profile image

      royblizzard 6 years ago from Austin / Leander, Texas

      Sherry, You need to join our site on facebook if at all possible. We have a strong group who all have been victims and are committed to sharing everything they learn about this with others. We also have several Attorneys on the site we work with as well who specialize in this fraud. Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud on facebook.

    • profile image

      sherry 6 years ago

      We are victims of servicing fraud Are there Attorneys in Tn I cant seem to find any who are know much about service fraud I have done a lot of reading I have the info need help putting it all together

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      Go to our Facebook site, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud to chat about steps you can take. You can do your own title search in the county land records to look for assignment of mortgage/deed of trust. Look up Produce the Note videos on Youtube by the Consumer Warning Network and video's by Attorney Neil Garfield. You need a lawyer to fight BOA. Not one who doesn't believe in the fraud! One WHO GET'S IT! You must research for your loan note by doing a securitization search. A Tila Audit will also help you strong arm these crooked banks. Be careful of loan mod's as a servicer can not legally modify the terms of your original loan note! They are just a debt collector! However, they get away with this because homeowners do not know the law or the fraud! Too complicated to explain here. Research bifurcation of the loan note from the deed of trust. We can refer you to a known attorney list of Attorney's who get this! We are just homeowners trying to educate others by posting latest news, videos, etc. We do this free. We are not lawyers so, please do not take anything here as legal advice.. seek an attorney if you need help! Donna

    • profile image

      Sandy Smith 6 years ago

      Great article but can any one help with Taylor Bean & Whitaker and bank of America etc they all are stealing homes from families any info


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