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Moved Out of State and Collecting Unemployment from California

Updated on August 1, 2013

Recently my family and I moved out of state from California to follow a job opportunity my husband had received. We have always been a two income household and I was worried about relocating and finding work. The opportunity my husband had would ultimately better our future so; we decided to make the move out of state. I gave my employer ample notice and began looking for work. Beginning to see that I might not start working right away I began looking into unemployment.

I found most people to have a very negative view on collecting unemployment if you leave your job to relocate, however, I had held a job since I was 16 and had only collected unemployment for a week when I was 20. Bottom line is that you pay into the unemployment insurance so that it is there when you need it.

After an exhausted search online to find out if I could even qualify (finding little on the topic) I finally just applied to the EDD and waited for a response.

The first step was to fill out the online form at EDD.CA.GOV. You must file for benefits in the state you moved from. I was confused about the "reason" I was no longer employed. I tried to continue with my current job just in our new state from home. The company I worked for had several telecommute employees. I selected "lay off" however, the correct reason should have been that I quit. If the automated system kicks you out for the response you quit do not give up. Calling on the phone to speak to someone is almost impossible however, I was told by an EDD rep to send an email and they will respond. I found the phone system kicked my off time and again. Just be sure to be available for that return phone call.

After filing my claim and going through two telephone interviews I was awarded my benefits.

The key items to remember are: 1) You are eligible for unemployment if you follow your spouse out of state for work 2) Give your employer fair notice and offer a solution to the problem (even if they are unwilling to accommodate you at least try) 3) Start a job search in your new state and4) Be patient with the system it is back logged and will frustrate you but, in the end you should receive your benefits.

Keep in mind that you must be able and willing to work. You will be required to look for at least 2 jobs every week. I applied to more jobs than I care to count but for me it was about making ends meet while looking for work.

Are you receiving UI benefits and find yourself pregnant? Check out my article here.

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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I have a really hard time understanding why a system that is supposed to help offer such resistance. I hope by now you are happily employed.

      These are great tips that I hope those who need them will take heed.

      Voted up and useful.