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My Associated Content & Yahoo Voices Earnings

Updated on February 13, 2015

Total Associated Content & Yahoo Voices Earnings: $602.06

Associated Content & Yahoo Voices

Associated Content and Yahoo! Voices were each platforms that allowed writers to make money writing articles online. Associated Content converted to Yahoo! Voices in December, 2011. Yahoo! Voices was a part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network which allowed any internet user to get paid for publishing content on Yahoo! Yahoo! Voices and the Yahoo! Contributor Network were officially shut down on July 31, 2014. I wrote for both Associated Content and Yahoo! Voices, below you can find information regarding how much I made writing for each platform and a brief description of how each of them worked.

Associated Content

Associated Content is part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network which pays writers both upfront payments for articles based upon the quality of the articles as well as performance payments based upon the number of views the article gets. Performance payments are $1.50 to $2.00 per 1,000 views based upon the writers "clout." Clout is based upon number of articles written and number of article views. There are 10 clout levels and the performance payment rate increases at Clout 7. Associated Content is a good way to earn immediate income (from upfront payments) as well as generate a passive income stream (from performance payments).

Total Associated Content Earnings: $555.80

I joined Associated Content in October of 2009 but did not write my first article until December of 2009. I wrote a few articles between December and January but did write for Associated Content again until I wrote a couple articles for upfront payments in June of 2010. In September, 2010 Associated Content started offering several high paying upfront payment promotions for articles, so I started writing many articles for Associated Content at that time. I continued to consistently write articles for Associated Content from October, 2010 through February, 2011. Since then, I have focused my efforts on other writing sites such as Squidoo and Infobarrel and have not written any articles for Associated Content. Despite failing to write additional articles, I continue to receive a steady passive income stream from Associated Content. I may start to write for Associated Content again in the future, but will likely focus my efforts on using Associated Content to create strong backlinks to my other articles and webpages or for writing articles in response to their offers for high upfront payments. In general, the passive income from Associated Content is not as high as from other paid to write programs and I am more interested in building a passive revenue stream than upfront payments.

June, 2010

In June, 2010, I received upfront payments for two articles I wrote as demonstrated below:

  • Game Changer: How Winning the Lottery Would Change My Life: $2.00
  • Can I Get Pregnant If...?: $2.16

June, 2010 Payout: $4.16

September, 2010

In September, 2010, Associated Content started expanding their local content and in an effort to do that, offered upfront payments of $10 per article for articles related to certain neighborhoods. Fortunately, one of those neighborhoods is my neighborhood in Brooklyn and the other was a nearby neighborhood I am familiar with. They also offered the occasional incentive of $15 for articles about New York City. I wrote several of these local articles in September and earned $140 in upfront payments in September, 2010. I did not receive payment of my performance bonuses at that time. (Note: You must hit the minimum of $1.50 total in performance bonuses before receiving payments for your article views.)

September, 2010 Payout: $140.00

October, 2010

In October, 2010, I continued writing local articles for upfront payments of $10 per article. I also wrote two local articles for $15 and one local article for $20. In addition, I received $3.50 in upfront payments for an articles on the Best Food Trucks in NYC. In October, 2010 I also received payment for all of my performance bonuses from December, 2009 through September, 2010.

October, 2010 Payout: $295.29

November, 2010

Associated Content's promotion to encourage local content was over by November; however, I had one remaining local article from an assignment I had claimed before the promotion was over that I published. I received a $10 payment for that. Otherwise, my performance bonus for October, 2010 views did not reach the minimum of $1 so I did not receive a performance payment.

November, 2010 Payout: $10.00

December, 2010

In December, 2010, I also published one remaining local article that I had claimed for $10 and also received performance payments for my articles views for October and November, 2010.

December, 2010 Payout: $11.73

January, 2011

In January, 2011, I published 7 local articles I had claimed during the promotion for $10 each.

January, 2011 Payout: $70.00

February, 2011

In February, 2011, I only received performance payments of my performance bonuses from December, 2010 and January, 2011. I had a huge January, 2011 in terms of performance bonus ($15.55) because in January I focused on writing articles for publish immediately about celebrity news. Celebrity news gets a lot of traffic and is good for an immediate spike. The only problem is that celebrity news is not "evergreen" and while in the moment it may be popular that a certain celebrity couple has broken up, that will not get consistent page views and create a strong passive revenue stream.

February, 2011 Payout: $16.48

March, 2011

My March, 2011 payout was entirely performance based and was my performance bonus for February, 2011.

March, 2011 Payout: $3.04

April, 2011

My March, 2011 performance bonus did not reach the minimum of $1.50 for a payout and I did not write any articles for upfront payments. Therefore, I did not receive a payment from Associated Content in April, 2011.

April, 2011 Payout: $0

May, 2011

My May, 2011 payout is entirely performance based for March, 2011 and April, 2011 article views.

May, 2011 Payout: $1.52

June, 2011

My May, 2011 performance bonus did not reach the minimum of $1.50 for a payout and I did not write any articles for upfront payments in June, 2011. Therefore, I did not receive a payment from Associated Content in June, 2011.

June, 2011 Payout: $0

July, 2011

My May and June 2011 performance bonuses did not reach the minimum of $1.50 for a payout and I did not write any articles for upfront payments in July, 2011. Therefore, I did not receive a payment from Associated Content in July, 2011.

July, 2011 Payout: $0

August, 2011

In August, 2011, I received performance payments based on my article views from May, June, and July, 2011.

August, 2011 Payout: $1.98

September, 2011

My August, 2011 performance bonus did not reach the minimum of $1.50 for a payout and I did not write any articles for upfront payments in September, 2011. Therefore, I did not receive a payment from Associated Content in September, 2011.

September, 2011 Payout: $0

October, 2011

My August and September, 2011 performance bonus did not reach the minimum of $1.50 for a payout and I did not write any articles for upfront payments in October, 2011. Therefore, I did not receive a payment from Associated Content in October, 2011.

October, 2011 Payout: $0

November, 2011

In November, 2011, I received payment for my performance bonuses for August to October, 2011.

November, 2011 Payout: $1.60

December, 2011

I did not make enough to reach payout in December, 2011. However, my earnings from November and December combined are $0.96 which are in the reserve hopper and will be paid out in 2012 once my total earnings hit $1.50.

December, 2011 Payout: $0

Associated Content Changes to Yahoo! Voices

In early December, 2011, Yahoo! replaced Associated Content with Yahoo! Voices. Everything stayed the same but the program was renamed. You can find information on my Yahoo! Voices earnings below.

Total Yahoo! Voices Earnings: $46.26

How Yahoo Voices Worked

Yahoo! Voices was part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network and was way to make money writing articles. Yahoo! Voices worked very much like it's predecessor, Associated Content. Below is a description of how Yahoo! Voices worked.

Upfront Payments
Yahoo! Voices pays writers upfront payments of $1 - $20 per article. That essentially means that upon submission of your articles, Yahoo! Voices will evaluate the quality of your article and pay you $1 - $20 for publishing the article to the site. Yahoo! Voices also has offers to write an article on a specific topic topic for a predetermined upfront payment.

Performance Payments
Yahoo! Voices also pays writers performance payments of $1 to $2 per 1,000 views. Therefore, for every 1,000 views your articles receive you will receive $1 -$2. This is a great form of passive income. How much you earn per 1,000 views is determined by your clout level which is determined based upon number of articles written and total number of views to your articles.

Featured Contributors
Writers for the Yahoo! Contributor Network can also apply to be featured contributors for certain "beats" such as Entertainment, Sports, or Politics. Featured contributors will receive one monthly assignment for $15 as well as special assignments related to their "beat."

2012 Yahoo! Voices Payouts

March, 2012: $1.43
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
November, 2011: $0.37
December, 2011: $0.62
January, 2012: $0.44

May, 2012: $2.09
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
February, 2012: $0.78
March, 2012: $0.44
April, 2012: $0.87

July, 2012: $1.67
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
May, 2012: $0.82
June, 2012: $0.85

September, 2012: $1.68
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
July, 2012: 0.87
August, 2012: $0.81

November, 2012: $1.66
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
September, 2012: $0.76
October, 2012: $0.90

2013 Yahoo! Voices Payouts

January, 2013: $2.47
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
November, 2012: $1.22
December, 2012: $1.25

February, 2013: $1.59
January, 2013: $1.59

April, 2013: $3.14
Includes Performance Bonuses from:
February, 2013: $1.46
March, 2013: $1.68

May, 2013: $1.61
April, 2013: $1.61

June, 2013: $1.86
May, 2013: $1.86

July, 2013: $2.08
June, 2013: $2.08

August, 2013: $2.25
July, 2013: $2.25

September, 2013: $1.85
August, 2013: $1.85

November, 2013: $2.58
September, 2013: $1.23
October, 2013: $1.35

Did You Write for Associated Content or Yahoo! Voices?

How Much Money Do You Make Per Month With Associated Content and/or Yahoo! Voices?

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© 2011 Maya Frances

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    • nmcguire7 profile image

      Nicholl McGuire 

      3 years ago from Los Angeles County

      Those were the good ole days with Associated Content (sigh). Thanks for posting.

    • bostonphil profile image


      6 years ago from Austin, Tx

      I joined AC in July and had some limitted success initially but since late October, I have had some problems with upfront payments. Since the change to Yahoo! Voices, I have had trouble getting published.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I left my payments for October and when I checked back on December 2nd, it shows no payment records.

      Anyone have a similar situation?

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 

      6 years ago from Malaysia

      Agreed with the above. Very interesting and I actually went to check my yahoo account. To my surprised, i actually have signed up few years back. Guess I need to get my writing up at there and might land myself another favourite writing spot. Thanks for sharing!

    • Deborah-Diane profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, California

      This is very interesting. I do not write for Associated Content, but I can see how it can be one approach to earning money in advance from writing, with the potential to get some residual income, too.


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