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My Awesome Brokers And My Reviews

Updated on November 30, 2018
Guckenberger profile image

Alex has been an investor for years now. He has investments in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and the United States Treasury.


Initial Thoughts

Investing can be a very enjoyable hobby. I love it myself, and I am aware that a multitude of others enjoy it as well. It can be fun so long as it is treated as an opportunity to get involved and not as a random gamble. Problems tend to arise when individual investors use money that they do not have. Furthermore, unlike gambling; investors are actually buying something. That something is a share in an organization or another asset. Stock holders in the traditional market hold voting power and can be very important for the uncertain future of a corporation. Lastly, Robinhood does not appear to request a monthly fee (I will keep us up to date on in relation to this concern).


I invest through a variety of brokerages. Different brokers offer different advantages. Keeping this in mind, we will dive into the benefits of a number of broker services.


Robinhood is becoming a big name among investors. This brokerage offers its' services in the manifestation of a smartphone app, which makes its' platform easier to use for some. Robinhood also gives its' users immediate purchasing power. This is important to note, because many brokers will take time to process an order. As technology and society progress, so does investment opportunities. My grandfather needed to mail in stock market requests when he was younger. Moreover, Robinhood sells shares that give dividends, penny stocks, and (in some areas) cryptocurrencies. This final asset is not available everywhere, but it is a huge step in theworld of digital currency. And, hopefully crypto buys will soon be available in states like Maryland. Cryptocurrency on Robinhood is a new phenomenon, so we can be patient and see where it goes.

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FolioFirst's platform is online through the traditional internet. Unlike Robinhood, buyers can purchase portions of a share in a company. This may seem menial at first, however share prices can vary greatly. Some stocks sell for more than $1,000 USD. FolioFirst may not provide a place for penny stocks, but investors can place as low as $25.00 USD in a share that is worth much more than that. Also, FolioFirst has recently opened some bonds on their website. This is phenomenal, as it is a demonstration that the brokerage is standing firm and progressing. Finally, FolioFirst gives free charts of one's portfolio diversification which not all brokers present for free. The business' $5.00/month fee is something that can become a small matter once enough profit has been established in dividend yields.


This broker service is unique. Coinbase is easily one of the most trusted, famous, and fair of all cryptocurrency brokerages. There are no monthly nor annual fees, and additional costs only come with transactions. Regardless, all of Coinbase's charges are very reasonable for what is being provided. No cryptocurrency gives any kind of dividend profit, but the versatility and the curiosity of crypto entices a large quantity of all kinds of people. Coinbase has also expanded their provided services to include not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but Basic Attention Token and 0x as well. Coinbase will likely continue to diversify due to their enormous success thus far.

Development Corporation for Israel

The DCI is a very easy organization to purchase bonds from. These bonds are limited to Israeli bonds, but it is my belief and opinion that such investments could be worth the time and the effort to set up an account. An eMitzvah bond can be bought for as low as $36.00 USD. Interest rates are fair, and the business keeps in good touch with their investors. Like some of the other brokerages I've mentioned, the DCI gives users the ease of use through the internet. No travel nor mailing is necessary. I should further note that I initial gained trust about this company by its' advertisement placement; that is, in the National Geographic magazine.



What could be more secure than purchasing assets directly from the United States' government? That is exactly what TreasuryDirect allows its' customers do. The platform offers a number of securities with the added safety net of the most powerful nation on the planet. These brokers are very convenient and permit buys from one's bank online. The log-in is incredibly safe with extreme measures in place to protect their investors. A fast Google search will provide more information directly from the government website.

Final Thoughts

Investing is amazing, and it can be a great application of our time. But, we need to remember that gambling is always wrong. Investments do not have to be a gamble. Like the blade can cute the orange that gives life and kill a man, investing can benefit or harm depending on how it is used. The world of investments is a world of tools. Tools can be misused. And lastly, I would to depart some final wisdom from this universe. It is inadvisable to attempt to catch a knife that has been dropped. Do not spend money that is not in every way actually spare currency. Moreover, don't participate in a sport that you do not like to play and have fun with what you decide to do.

© 2018 Alexander James Guckenberger


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