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My Blog Makes No Money - What Can I Do?

Updated on June 15, 2010

If you're looking to make money blogging the chances are you will have read one of the numerous blog posts which discuss choosing your niche and one of the main things you will learn is that it's important to choose a niche which you are passionate about. It's a very good bit of advice because the chances are you will be working on your blog for months even years trying to make money and build a following and if you have no interest in what you write about not only will it become hard work but there is a good chance you will give up. You just have to look around the net to find blogs which have been started with the intention of making money but have been left to rot because the owner had no passion for what they were writing about.

But whilst I agree that choosing what you are passionate about is important when it comes to the longevity and commitment to your blog, not all passions and niches are easy to make money with. What I mean is that you may have a passion for classic movies and enjoy writing movie reviews but sadly no one spends money on advertising old movies and even fewer people spend money on buying them. What's worse is when you've spent months following the tips and tricks on other blogs when it comes to making money from blogging but it feels like you are trying to get blood out of a stone and are on the verge of giving in. DON'T, whilst it maybe more difficult to make money blogging from certain passions and niches it is possible you just have to think outside of the box.

But firstly for those who aren't yet pulling their hair out after months of blogging for little or no money how can I check to see if my passion is profitable

Firstly consider who your visitors are most likely going to be. If you write about older movies the chances are people will come across your blog looking for images or to find out who the actor was who played such and such a character, they're not going to be on your blog looking to buy something. The same with people looking for freebies and free stuff online, they're not going to be looking to spend money. So before you start think who you are likely going to get visiting your blog and why they are there because it will help tailor your money making endeavours to that sort of person.

Secondly what is your primary keyword, what is your blog going to be about, type that in to Google and look to see how many adverts show up on the right hand side. If there's none the chances are that your blog will struggle to generate any money via advertising. Fortunately it maybe a case that you have chosen a really small niche such as "Sundews" and just expanding to "Carnivorous Plants" will show some adds.

Thirdly if you do spot adds when you check Google for your main keyword well it's worth knowing what sort of money is spent on the advertising and that is where the AdSense keyword tool comes in. Now there is a lot you can do with the AdSense keyword tool from discovering the estimated CPC (Cost Per Click) for keywords through to local and global trends. Here on Hubpages there is a very good hub called The AdSense Keyword Research Guide which will give you a detailed insight on how to use the adsense keyword tool and discover the CPC. Needless to say the higher the CPC and visitors the more money you can possibly make.

But what if you have a blog and after months of hard work it's making no money.

Firstly I know how you feel having been in the situation myself and know how soul destroying it becomes when no matter what you do, what advice you follow you just can't seem to make any money from your passion. The first thing I would suggest is actually going through the steps suggested above as then you will know where you stand when it comes to who your potential visitors are, whether or not they are likely to spend and whether or not anyone spends money advertising within the niche. You will be surprised how many people start a blog without checking its earning potential and are then shocked to discover it’s not what they thought.

If having gone through those steps you realise that the visitors you are attracting are not those who are going to click on ads and spend money then you need to consider your actual content. Maybe it's too similar to other sites, maybe it's content which whilst informative and unique is only attracting those looking for information, then sadly the cold hard truth is you need to consider tackling your passion in a different manner. In my field of expertise which is movie reviews of older movies very few people will buy from just reading a review so you need to tempt them with a bargain that you spotted and give them a reason to buy. Basically you need to sell to them and if you're not pushing a product then you will struggle to make money ending up with a nice but purely informative blog.

Having done that you should also consider that not all blogs are the same and what works for one type of blog may not work for your blog. As such there is a whole lot of general advice to be found on the internet such as blending adsense units to fit in with the style of your blog and only using text ads and not image ads. Well if that isn't working then do the opposite, make your ads stand out and try image advertising, what have you got to lose if you are not making money going through the normal route. Just remember after every change you make let it run for a few weeks and see if you notice an increase or decrease in your AdSense clicks.

Whilst adsense is often the obvious and popular route to take it's not always the best option and its worth taking a look at other blogs within your niche and see how they are monetizing their pages, especially those that are popular. You may discover a different more appropriate advertising site you can join or that going sourcing advertisers directly by contacting companies is the way to go. In fact sourcing advertising directly is generally more lucrative and secure than trying to make money via adsense.

The other thing you can do and this is definitely thinking outside of the box and that is to create your own product. If you are passionate about a subject then you can use that knowledge to create something such as a useful e-book which you can sell directly through your site. Many of the big bloggers are always creating products, be it e-books or online seminars which they then sell to their visitors and they make decent money by doing so.

The Importance of Traffic

The thing is that whilst you can check to see if your passion and niche has money being spent on it and tinker with your site to your hearts content to find the optimum style of advertising if you are not getting the traffic you won't make any money. So get out there and start generating traffic be it through SEO, commenting on other blogs, forums, guest posts and article writing. Unless people know you are there they're not going to discover you and you won't be making money. Out of all of those the two really worth focussing upon is SEO as organic traffic is often regarded as the best and writing guest posts. A guest post on a successful, popular blog within your niche can swell your traffic to record proportions and at the same time make you a lot of money, especially if you have your own e-book to sell to visitors.


Even if you discover the niche which you are passionate about is hard to make money with don't give up because no matter what you chose it can be monetized, you just need to think outside of the box. It may be like getting blood out of the stone and feel completely disheartening after months of hard work to feel like you are getting nowhere but it can be done and you never know you may be just a couple of posts away from turning the corner when you decide to give in.


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    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Love the blog. There's lots of really great advise in here. :)