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The Responsibilities As A Taxpayer

Updated on March 15, 2019
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Currently a college student and wants to share my learning experience

Taxation is a state power exercised through the country’s legislative branch. Here in the Philippines, tax laws are passed both in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The principle of taxation tells us that taxes are being collected to support the government in its expenses and services for public welfare, public maintenance and other projects to be executed by the government officials.

This principle resides in our Constitution, which lays down the relationship between the government and the people. The principle is known as the reciprocal duties of the protection and support between the state and its citizens.

The Constitution obliges each individual to pay their allocated taxes as a form of support to the government. In return, for the beloved citizens of the country, the government or the state uses these funds to protect and serve its people. But in the Philippines, the graft and corruption are widespread. It leads to the depletion of the country’s accumulated taxes and results to the postponing of other projects or poor to no maintenance of the government projects. The constitution also states that revenues to through taxation must only be used for government operations and for public welfare. Any misconception that taxes are imposed by the government for private or unlawful purpose must be corrected.

The Government must make use of the taxes wisely, rightfully, just, and effectively. Not on the personal gains of the officials who have a close contact to these collected taxes.

The purpose of taxation is to raise revenues from all possible sources to support government expenditures and services and to promote the general benefits, well-being, and security of the Philippines. Tax collection is vital for a country’s progress. It is also have other purposes. For one, it safeguards newly-opened industries by extending tax exemptions to pioneering and new enterprises.

My responsibility as a taxpayer is to pay taxes on time and all of it. In this way, the government will have an assurance that they will have an extra collection for their expenditures.

Philippines is a country known for having large amounts of debts to the World Bank. Currently, there is still an ongoing expenditure growth. The amount of debt even reached trillions. By keeping on paying these taxes and not evading it may be a huge help to the government even though it is just a small amount. As long as I’m paying, it would be a huge one already. Knowing someday, and hopefully after I got a high paying job, I might literally largely contribute to the tax collections of the Philippines. I know inside myself that there is still hope for this country even though it is labeled as a “God forsaken country” because they’ve said that the country has no more chance to be improved. This is because of the government officials nowadays that did no other thing but to accuse each other in the government.Some years ago, there is this pork barrel scam issue that has been set to the mainstream and luckily the culprit got arrested. It is just a shame to think that it has been going on for some years yet no one spoke about it immediately. Another thing is that the Filipinos have a hard time complying on what is a must. Lastly, I’ll do keep on paying these taxes even though it gets higher the higher the salary is. After all, the Philippines is our motherland. We must stop complaining about the Philippines having no changes and be more productive instead.

© 2019 Aurum Luna


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