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My Top 2 online survey sites (Lightspeed v Global Test Market)

Updated on May 7, 2011

Top 2 online survey sites

First of all let me explain to you what an online survey site is. An online survey site conducts market research for various organisations. By being a member of an online survey site you will receive survey invitations sent to your email account. If you complete the whole survey you will get the chance to express your views and you will compensated for doing so. Don’t expect to get rich by taking online surveys, but you should be able to make quite a bit of spare cash.

OK , let me get on with telling you a bit about my top 2 online survey sites.

Global Test Market

I’ve been completing online surveys with Global Test Market for around 2 or 3 year now. Over this time I have cashed out with them a couple of times, but I could have easily cashed out more if I completed more of their surveys. I would think it would be quite easy to cash out at least once every 2 months if all surveys are completed.

Becoming a member with them is quite straightforward. Go to their join page, and fill in a few basic details about yourself such as your gender, age and where you live. Once this is done, they will send you a confirmation email and by clicking on the link inside this email you will now be a member of Global Test Market.

After becoming a member, surveys should start arriving to your email account within the first week. At the start of each survey the reward and approximate time length will be stated. Most surveys seem to be worth between 10 to 100 market points. 1000 market points can be redeemed for a $50 dollar cheque (or a cheque in your local currency). There is a page for redeeming your market points in your account, and your cheque should arrive in around 4 weeks.

They will send you load’s of surveys invitations each week. However, you won’t always qualify for each survey that you are sent – don’t take this too personally. Sometimes they will looking for a certain type of person, such as regular drinkers or people that ride a motorbikes. On the whole most surveys take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete and the reward is for completing them is very good.

On the whole Global Test Market is one of the top 2 online survey sites around. They send you regular surveys with good compensation for your time and effort, and the payment process is smooth and reliable. Let me tell you a bit now about my 2nd top online survey site.

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My second top online survey site is Lightspeed. Becoming a member with them is a little harder as you will have to click on one of their banners to find their membership page. From here, the registration process is similar to Global Test Market, and you will have to confirm your membership by clicking on their confirmation email.

Once you are member of Lightspeed they will start sending you surveys pretty much within the same week. You can also see the available surveys in your members account. There are also some extra surveys available about yourself and some mini-polls on your members page. It is recommended that you fill these in as you will receive more surveys.

Lightspeed surveys tend to be more about products (food and drink items). On the plus side, you won’t get screened out of surveys as much as Global Test Market. However, the surveys tend to take a little longer (usually around 20 to 30 minutes) and the pay is a little less than Global Test Market. As with Global Test Market there is a point reward system. Surveys are worth between 50 and 300 points, and can be exchanged for a £3 Paypal payment once you have reached 345 points. There are also lots of other ways to exchange your Lightspeed points if you enter their shop.

My overall opinion of Lightspeed is that there are plenty of surveys to take part in and you can make a fair amount of cash. However, the surveys tend to be a little long and some of the questions are repetitive.

If you are looking for some more survey site panels to join then try searching for Paid to Review or Survey Money Maker.


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    Jill 4 years ago

    What's the website for lightspeed?